Did somebody say v-e-t?


So, it’s not his favorite place to go. Been there more times than he really wanted to go.

Flocko has been on phenobarb for over half of his life for seizures. We’re really lucky because it holds the bloody things at bay very well. We were getting close to a refill and they threatened to hold it hostage if we didn’t get him in for his yearly blood work. The liver values are really quite important and we don’t want something to creep up on us, so it was off to the clinic for blood work.

Sadly, that meant no breakfast for Flocko and believe me when I tell you he was not a happy camper. We knew for hours that we forgot to feed him. Results will be back in a few days, but he is doing so well that I don’t anticipate any problems.

He is a hunka, hunka hound dog.

Flocko amongst the flowers


I’m so glad we took advantage of the sunshine last weekend. It looks like we have a huge storm system coming our way for this weekend.

It will be a great weekend to just hang with the hounds.

Have a good one.

False alarm


It is with tremendous pleasure that I announce Flocko’s limp was nothing more than a false alarm. It was a stupid toe nail.

I admit it, I am the worse parent when it comes to trimming their toe nails, and the one that was giving him grief was a little too long. We try to get them over to the clinic to get them trimmed, but he’s not fond of the clinic and I always worry that something like that could trigger a seizure.

He survived the visit to the clinic and we are much relieved and very happy campers!

Thank you Flocko.

I hate limps


Earlier this week I noticed that Flocko’s gait just isn’t right. He’s favoring his right rear leg ever so slightly.

I hate limps. I bounce between shear panic and wanting to race him to the vet and preferring to hide my head in the sand.

Our experience hasn’t been great. Limps are rarely just arthritis or a soft tissue strain. But it’s possible that is all we are dealing with. I like that story.

It’s nothing more than 11 years catching up with him.

Stuck at home


I have enough outtakes of our goofy dogs to get us through our zoication. Enjoy.

I was looking through photos and came across some really great photos that just needed to be shared.

We’re on our Zoi Ride Down Hwy. 101 and I’m blogging ahead.

Some of the dogs hate us.

Something is happening


Tonight our vet came over to the house to update all of the vaccinations before the dogs go to the kennel next week.

Actually, Flocko and Flo are going to stay home with a babysitter while the rest of them go to camp Lisa.

They all know something is in the air and they don’t like it, not one little bit. Karen and I frantically trying to get everything done. When we planned this trip, we had so much time and vacation would literally never arrive. Now, it is right on top of us.

We can do this, I know we can.

A Flockotude


Apparently Flocko did not appreciate the photo of Zip yesterday. We’re getting a flockotude.

Never fear big, I still think you are a most handsome fella and I love you with all of my heart too. Don’t worry, I have a pretty big heart.



Clearly we weren’t throwing the ball fast enough.