What happens

When you adopt a greyhound that has broken a hock?

They fly everywhere of course.

This little girl broke her hock almost two years ago.

You’d never know it by watching her.

Although I can’t compare how fast she used to run,

I do know that she doesn’t slow down very much now.

And everything in her path is in danger of getting run over.

This, is Flyin’ Flo.

Grey Bullets

We were out in the backyard with the dogs the other day. Karen would let them out and I was at the back fence taking pictures as they ran toward me. The quality is terrible, but I love the look of the grey bullets.Once they realized where I was, they were in flight and on their way.



New spring fashions

Trendsetting fashionista Flo was spotted at the garden bistro last week sporting this seasons hottest trend in muzzlewear.
The hot pink “side bag” promises impeccable style for the most sophisticated greyhound.

February’s Pin-up Girl

The Flo Zone is how we fondly refer to her.
Where ever Flo wants to be, she is. What ever Flo wants, she gets. She is the master at getting her way.
When she wants to sleep with us, she steps onto the bed and plops over on top of me. Gravity eventually brings her back in touch with the bed leaving me a total of six inches to sleep on. Likewise on the couch. I may have a small portion in the corner, but her favorite place to lay is right in my lap. 
Her world is the Flo Zone.

The year of the ear

Streamlined ear


Is it because they smell something in the wind? Is it because they are thinking very hard about what couch to lie on next? Or maybe, their ears are just most comfy in that streamlined position. 

I do know that even if they hold their ears back, they are almost always happy.

Flo does extremely good streamlined ears. I do know that she is not a fan of having her picture taken, and at this very moment, she may have been slightly disgusted with me for following her around with the camera. 

Maddie was tracking something in the wind. She’s another one though, that is just as happy to have her ears streamlined to her head.

Tundra one – Humor zero

What I haven’t told many of you, but on Friday I had my girly surgery. So to say the very least, my first days at Greyhound Gardens, well, they suck. So this morning bright and early I am excited to go with the boys.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. That snowy, wintery pasture of parad-ice. Solid ice. Greyhounds, are dogs on stilts. We don’t do well on ice.

For the first time, I was actually envious of that low-to-the-ground, Basset Hound, Lucee.

As I move around parad-ice, I thought you might like to see a little of what we are looking at.

A half-inch of ice has actually accumulated on everything. So imagine what four inches of snow is like with an ice coating. As I take one step, I fall through and if I don’t fall through, I slide.

The maple tree.

The spinner.

The garden greyhound.

And for your promised weather report. Still below freezing. A very light freezing rain falling.

Here is my best advice to everyone:

Find a buddy and snuggle.

December 19

I was in Florida at the race kennel to bring Minnie home when I met Flo. She had broken her leg in a race. She was such a little trooper and so adorable. Minnie and I got home, but I never stopped thinking about Flo.

When I went down to bring Flocko home, Flo came home too.