Turkey my…

All I see is kibble in my future.

On behalf of all of the greyhounds of the gardens, we would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

The pocket pickers

It isn’t unusual for me to walk around the house with a pocketful of cookies. It even used to be safe.
Now, they know the silent sound of… the cookie jar lid.

And they line up. They don’t line up to gently take a cookie from our hand, but they follow us around the house. Poised and ready.
Carefully at first, the nose brushes by a hand and ever so gently, hoping to go unnoticed it slips into the pocket.
Then, throwing caution to the wind the nose goes after the feast realizing at this point it is much better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.
Flo immediately eyes her target.
Not wanting to waste even a minute, she dives in going straight for the treasure.

We’ve been invaded by the pocket pickers.

Sun up to sun down

Wake-up time around this joint on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays is 4 am. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we’re rolling our butts outta bed at 5 am.

Begrudgingly, the dogs file out the door to take care of business. So wouldn’t you think that on the week-ends they would enjoy sleeping in just a little later? Nope.

At 5:15 am this morning when I was ready to sell all of them on Craigslist I saw stars. Lots of stars in the sky.

Grab the camera woman and get the coffee in the to go cups, we’re off to see the sunrise.

Just five minutes from the house… doesn’t get much better than this.

And then, the evening comes. All the dogs find their favorite place to nest including the snugglable Flo.

Nope, it just doesn’t get much better than this.

Behind the scenes

I’ve captured a couple of good shots this year of the dogs, but I could have never done it without help.

Somebody had to pull a few weeds and turn the pumpkin around.

Somebody had to be at the other end of the leash, picture after picture. And sometimes all of the post-processing in the world could never make the picture.

Somebody would stand at the other end, waving a leaf, throwing a rock and making a series of ridiculous noises. And after all of that, we still wouldn’t get cooperation.

Somebody had to humor me when I’d check the weather forecast and shout out “this is where we’re going, get the dog.” And then patiently wait after I would take picture after picture.

Even in the freezing cold, wet feet, slick rocks… somebody was there helping me with my gear and walking around entertaining the dogs while I would sneak off to take just one more shot.

Somebody is always behind the scenes and for that I want to give a giant thank you to my wonderful bride.

I couldn’t do it without her and I wouldn’t have nearly as much fun.

Thanks K. Lubs you much.

Flo’s maiden adventure

Flo had her maiden adventure today. She was great in the car. She immediately curled up in to a ball and went to sleep.

Of course, smiling for the camera has never been Flo’s thing. Ever. So that was a bit of a challenge.

And then, 5 minutes from home she decided she got car sick.

Breakfast, all of it. I never knew until today that
a.) Flo doesn’t chew her food
b.) Kibble swells to 5 times its normal size once it has had a chance to lay around in a belly.

Thanks Flo. Next time we’ll either wait a little while longer… or not feed you!

It was a beautiful day looking down over the valley.

And only the bravest of the brave – part 3

Brace yourself and keep your distance.

Sneak up from behind, it’s always the safest place to be.

Be ready to attack back.

Slowly walk around, never take your eyes away.

Sticking your tongue out at it is always effective.

Closing your eyes and pretending it isn’t there is even better.

And if you are brave, look it straight in the eye.

Never let ’em see your fear.

But if you must, run to the momma for protection. Knocking her on her butt will certainly keep you safe.

but just remember, it is all about trick or treat. TRICK!

The end.

Outrage. Mutiny. Revolution.

I made a mistake. I’m sorry, really truly I am.

Yesterday I proclaimed it to be beautiful brindle day. Today, when the doggies anxiously ran to the computer to read the blog, SOME of them were furious. They demanded that I include some white in the proclamation.

Although the brindle in his face is turning more white, Adam lead the early morning rebellion.

He wanted to make sure that I included his white tipped on brindle ear. A unique feature that only a white a brindle hound could sport.

Crystal, so frustrated over the entire situation could hardly look me in the eyes.

Laying her head down in disappointment, she showed off her “My Little Pony” mohawk.

Flo shuttered in disbelief.

Posing for the camera only in support of the revolution, she stuck her tongue out at me and gave me the look. Flo probably has the best “looks.”

And Mr. Pasha, the sensible one, sat down across the table from me ready to negotiate.

All ears, Pasha listened as I apologized, begging for forgiveness and promising never to make the mistake again.

I have re-proclamated October 8 as beautiful brindle, white and brindle day.

The Flo Cone

It’s my birthday and I’m loaded up in the car. I wonder where we’re going.

Hmmmmm. This is looking very interesting.

I think the Dairy Queen lady just handed the momma something. And I’m pretty sure that something is a Flo Cone!

Oh ya, that cone has Flo written all over it. Happy Birthday to me.

Yummy, no ice cream headache for me. I’m a dainty eater.

This bowl will be perfectly clean and ready for seconds when I’m done. Boy, that ice cream went fast.

“Ummm Flo, you are licking an empty bowl. The ice cream is melting beside you.”

Flo, you ate the bottom first, you turned it upside down and you’re licking the melted ice cream from the cushion. I think we need to go back to Ice Cream 101.

They say it’s your birthday

Hey you over there, I hear today is a special day.

And just what would you like to do today?

Maybe snuggle with a buddy or…

…or two?

Or are you going to fly through your day like only you can?

Happy 6th Birthday Flo Lo!