Corn dog


I’ve lost count of the number of greyhounds we have had come through Greyhound Gardens. Wanna know how many we’ve had that have had corns on their pads? Three. Yes, only three. And yes, Miss Fergalicious is one of them.

Thank you Fergie. Not one, not two, but six. We think they probably came to life once she was able to chase around on the acre. Our vet she has only seen corns on greyhounds.

I joke with Karen that we should have kicked the tires before adoption but the reality is, once we met her, we knew she was our girl and she was going to come home no matter what. We adore this little girlfriend. She has brought a whole new level of spunky to family.

To all of our greyhound peeps out there, if you know of any really terrific, home-grown cures besides hulling that we can try for her, please let me know.

We are on the search now.

Oops, she did it again


Every dog that enters our home ultimately ends up with a nickname.

We call this one Perky Fergie. She has so much life and spunk and happiness.

When it was time for dinner, I opened her kennel door and with the grace of a deer, she lept to the top of the kennel.

Girlfriend, one of these days I’m gonna have the camera set up to catch that graceful leap.

Time for breakfast


My morning went something like this.

“Time for breakfast Fergie, get in your kennel.” She backed up and in one gentle hop, she landed on the top of her kennel.

Nope, I don’t think we will have any dull moments with this kid around.

New buds

Fergie and Zip   

Somedays the iPhone will just have to do.

I rounded the corner to the living room just to do a head count and this is what I found. Fergie and Zip, butt-to-butt, on the couch.

Perky Fergie


Well, little Miss Perky Fergie has been home for a week now. She is absolutely, totally and completely delightful. And busy. She’s looked behind door number one, door number two and she’s dying to know who is meowing behind door number three. So sorry little one, that ain’t gonna happen.

She gets along with everyone like she has been here forever.

Yup, our little girlfriend has made herself to home.

Today is the day!

Hello pretty lady   

The secret is out. Let me introduce you to Fergie. She’s four years old and happy and spunky and perfect.

In August when we lost Crystal, to say we were devastated was an understatement. Crystal was Karen’s heart dog, and Karen’s heart just wasn’t healing as well as it should. We went up to the kennel in early September to take photos of the adoptable greyhounds. There was a beautiful white little girl that had come in and my ears perked up. She was just as sweet as I hoped she would be.

One by one all of the new dogs came out to greet us. One of the last dogs to come out was Fergie. She was Karen’s girl. There were no ifs, ands or buts. Fergie was her girl.

We knew we had to wait until after our vacation. We knew she would do fine with the greyhounds, but we had to make sure that she and Zip would be OK. And we kind of wanted to wait and see how Flo would do on all of her medications. We took Zip up to the kennel and they did fine together. We got home from vacation and Flo was having a bit of a hard time, so we waited some more.

Flo is holding her own. We take it one day at a time.

And today, we went up to the kennel and put one end of the leash on her collar and the other end of the leash in Karen’s hand. She hopped into the car, laid down and said “let’s go home.”

Saying good bye   

Before we left, she turned around and said good bye to all of her friends at the kennel. She assured them that they too would soon have forever homes.

Welcome home Fergie   

Of course, after meeting her new family, the next stop was my little rustic studio.

Our little girlfriend just began her second career as a super model. Please join us in welcoming home Miss Fergie.

Who’s walking who?

Just a walkin’ down the straight-a-way   

Cute little girl, you are packed. Who’s on the other end of that leash? Hmmmm? Is there something you would like to tell us?