Friends forever

Two greyhounds
Mickey and Fergie.  

Late in the afternoon last Sunday it finally started to warm up enough that we really felt like being outside. It’s a weird state of mind when 40° feels warm.

The snow started to have a good melt down going and the dogs were feeling pretty darn frisky. It had been so cold for so long, and we didn’t dare leave them out for any longer than just a few minutes, that I am sure they were thrilled to be out playing on the acre. Shortly after I took this, these two took off in a dead heat for the finish line.

We know you are in there

Fergie, Mickey and Cinderella.  

After all of the cold weather and snow, when it finally hit 40° we thought for sure we were having a heat wave. Karen was in the barn re-loading the bird feeders and declined the help of these guys. 

They knew where she was and they were not happy she closed the doors.

The logic of Fergie


This little girl is our one dog that is truly wired for sound. She’s perky, she’s happy, she’s demanding, she’s cuddly, she’s fun, she travels well, she gets along with everyone as long as they play by her rules.

And, she is probably one of the smartest greyhounds that has crossed our threshold.

If you walked into our house, you would see that we are wall-to-wall dog cushions. There is a narrow path that leads through the house.

Last night Fergie wanted on the couch. Not a cushion, not the love seat behind my desk. She wanted the couch and it was blocked by other dogs sleeping around the sofa sleeper.

She looked and not being deterred, she hopped up on the sleeper, walked across and jumped onto the couch.

What Fergie wants, Fergie gets.

Happy, happy girl


Beautiful skies yesterday morning and we took Little Miss Fergie out for some photos. Seriously, can a dog get any more happier than this?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane


It’s super Fergie!

Yes, Fergie is a hero once again. She donated her juicy red blood cells again on Sunday. Who wouldn’t feel better after getting some of this energy.

Please don’t end vacation


These are the sentiments as we end our week off. Of course the doggies loved having us home. Life was grand.

Karen and I got so much accomplished. The walls in the living room are beautifully painted, what else but three shades of grey. We still have to paint and install the baseboards and the crown molding. We still dream of getting the kitchen and the bathrooms remodeled. It’s impossible to sit in the kitchen now. The yellow laminate counter top has got to go as does the wall paper, partially stripped by cats. The avocado colored toilet, bathtub and sink… need I say more. But the goal is to pay cash as we transition.

So for now, I will sit at my computer in the dining room and enjoy my three shades of grey and mourn the end of a productive and greyt spring break.

Extra snacks


Fergie had an awesome day. Nothing makes a day better than extra snacks. She got the call from the vet clinic, they needed her blood. And score! A little bit of her bright red blood scored her some extra snacks.

Yup, it was a good day for Fergie and now she’s a heroine, she saved somebodies life.

Today she is the Fergisteam roller


This is Fergie nestled in her penthouse closest to my desk. This kid is more jack russell terrier than greyhound, I swear. When she’s on a mission, she is like a freight train full speed ahead and nobody had better be in her way. She’s also very agile and can move about the cabin with the lightest of feet.

Her most recent gig however, is in the mornings. When Karen leaves for work at 4 am, I usually have her give me a call to get up at 4:30 am. The minute she hears me answer the phone, Fergie launches from where she is sleeping right to the bed. If my head is in her way, well, that’s a shame ain’t it.

This one is a hoot, she definitely keeps us on our toes.

Turbo Fergo

Turbo Fergo   

It’s official. Fergie has two speeds. Dead asleep or damn the torpedoes full speed ahead.

Meet the new racing model, Turbo Fergo.

Fergiday night


OK young lady. Get over your Fergitude or you are going to Fergitory! And don’t think that cute little face of yours is going to charm me again.

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice… I have your number sweet cheeks.