Her goofyness


This post is mainly to benefit Holly and Joe. Emma is living out her double-digit years with them and I thought they should see what a true nut case she was in 2005.

It didn’t matter what position she was in, a tennis ball seemed to be a permanent fixture of her mouth,

She has always had a goofy grin that brings a smile to everyone’s face.

But this photo right here, is an image of true weimaraner dignity.

Woo hoo! Grandma’s house

Autzen and Emma

My daughter Holly and her husband stopped by the house for  a quick visit this afternoon bringing with them the grand dogs. It’s always a treat to watch these two play on the acre.

Emma is starting to show her age a bit. She’s not running around nearly as much as she used to, but she still had fun with the tennis balls.

Holly managed to get in a few tossed balls before Emma just couldn’t keep up anymore.

Emma owned her tennis balls and managed to make sure that the little sister Autzen never got anywhere near her prize.

When playtime was over, Autzen made her way over to the pool and became the canine sprinkler. She carefully washed all of the loose grass and dog slobber off of her tennis ball. And from the pool she merrily trotted out to the car to go home. OK, I admit it, wet dog in daddy’s car made me snicker a bit.

Emma could barely muster the energy to walk out to the car. She kept her tennis ball close at paw, but was so happy just to lie down in the grass.

Lab is ball spelled backwards

To our favorite goldens in BZTraining land, I really didn’t mean to call you a lab, as in black, brown or yellow. Really. Lab is just ball spelled backwards… it’s secret code for “Happy Dog.” And besides, you have to cut me some slack. I’m one of those sight hound people.

Happy park dog with ball/lab


Not so happy lab/ball because the grandmothers do not have a tennis ball


Happy dance down the beach to chase lab/ball


Happy water dance for lab/ball


Happy jump for joy lab/ball, even if it isn't a tennis ball. Bad grandmas.


No, not the tree

Emma pointing to "the tree"

We’re very lucky, we have a fenced acre that has plenty of privacy provided by a ton of mature trees.

We back up to a wetlands that is surrounded by development. Except for the occasional ball that is tossed into our yard, our neighbors are great.

Most of the evergreens are cedar trees except for one ponderosa pine. It has always been a great source for hiding the only house that really showed up in the background.


Most of the time, I could position myself so that the white house was never there.


Once in awhile, the house was just there.

That tree provided a silhouette against the sunset on many occasions. By mid-July, the tree had died. It’s beautiful long green needles turned to rust. As a silhouette, they still looked great.

Sadly, this is what we came home to Saturday afternoon. The back yard looks really naked right now and my backdrop is gone.

To grandmother’s house we go

Warning: This is not about a greyhound.


This is our grand dog Autzen. She and weimie Emma had vet visits on Monday and came over for a visit.

Coming to grandma’s house is just like visiting a private dog park. Right out the back door there is a giant splash pool. The greyhounds would never treat their drinking water like this.

And then, there is the whole acre to chase balls on.

Sadly, grandma doesn’t have real tennis balls, she has these ridiculous soft squeaky balls because that is what Flocko likes to play ball with.

But, a ball is a ball and every lab loves a ball.

Unfortunately, so does the weimie. Some times the weimie gets to the ball first.

And then she guards it with her life.

You’ll never see a greyhound slobber like a lab. Ewwwww!

The other great thing about grandma’s house, treats grow on trees there. Please note that the mamma had to take the first bite to insure that the apples were safe.

Once the apples were deemed safe to eat, there was nothing better than lounging in the grass enjoying an apple. An apple a day keeps the veterinarian away.

Autzen and Emma, August 2011

And of course, like it or not, a family portrait is always a must.

Autzen and Emma, March 2008

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Painting the town red

Inaugeral Red Hat Society - 2005

In 2005 I decided that the ladies of the gardens needed to form their own Red Hat Society. The ladies over 10 wore red and the girls under 10 wore pink. All of the girls got their hats in Photoshop

Phoebe will forever be the Grande Dame.

Red hot Houndies - 2007

By 2007, the ladies became much more organized and internet savvy. They discovered Bow Wow Bonnets and each lady ordered at hat made especially for her.

They officially named their charter the Red Hot Houndies.

Fast forward to 2011. We live with party animals, what can I say. The girls ordered a few new bonnets and are ready to show them off.

Roxy, currently the queen
Jillian, the party girl
Flo, the fun police

Isn’t it time your girls joined a Red Hat Society?

Party time at the Pet Blog Hop!

It’s time for the Saturday Pet Blog Hop!

Please join us, it’s simple.

The Pet Blog Hop hosted by Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume. Many, many thanks to the hosts, the Pet Blog Hop rocks.

Please join us, the rules are simple:

  1. Follow your three hosts
  2. Check out some of the our fellow bloggers, leave them a comment and tell them you are visiting from the Pet Blog hop
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Mommy’s home

I read it on Facebook first. The original plan was to pick up Emma tomorrow night. What can I say, the kid was ready to have her dogs back.

Just in case they got in late, I never said a word to Emma.

Hmmm, do you think they were happy to see each other?

Emma gave her kisses from every angle possible.

Including the famous rub-my-belly and kiss me.

It’s already quieter around here, if that is possible.

Are they home yet?

Rumor has it that Emma’s mommy and daddy are coming home some time tonight. Yes, their honeymoon in Mexico is over.

Not that she minded her week at her grammies, it’s just that well, she didn’t have any tennis balls. She was stuck playing with a squishy, squeaky greyhound ball. Eeeeeew!

Blowing out 12 candles

Blender, I find it so hard to believe that 9 1/2 years ago you were so shy and so black.

Look at you now girlfriend! I believe we call this salt and pepper.

Still gorgeous after all these years. Happy 12th birthday Blender.

And for the honeymooners in Mexico… Emma is marking off the days on the calendar until her mommy and daddy get home. :o)))