Be afraid, be very afraid • part 1

It’s that time of year, when you have to move about cautiously.

Watch over your shoulder…

and stay low to the ground.

Move forward ever so slowly…

Ready to run away on a moments notice.

Trust no one.

And be fully aware of what lies ahead…

To be continued.

Da Funky Duncan Rap

My name is Duncan and I am here to say,
We’re celebrating me in a very big way.

I’m turnin’ ten and you know where I’ll hang,
I’m the newest member of the double-digit gang.

I chased a bunny, and I made some money.
But what I really wanted was a couch and a honey.

So turn your muzzles into the air, I think we’ve got a roo roo to share.

Happy Birthday Dunka Dawg

Hey Mom! When the going gets tough…

The tough get going!

Well almost. We think it makes more sense just to bury our heads in our paws and pretend it isn’t happening.

Let us demonstrate how you too can bury your head in your paws.

And the countdown continues… 22 days.

Pasha prefers the whole schnauz cover up. Nothing can get through, not even the littlest things.

Duncan puts his whole head in a lock. Protecting the brain from the drain is of utmost importance.

Picker has placed his nose in his armpit, a place most people won’t dare to go.

And the forever amazing Gracie has wrapped her little paw right around the end of her nose and over her mouth reminding you not to speak of evil, it just isn’t professional.

And if it gets too bad, Jori recommends putting your head between your knees and just kiss your hairy ass good-bye!

But you had better not ’cause we need you.

The year of the ear

Flying ears

Ears in action are always fun. Just like a bad ear day, you never know where they are going to go when the dawgies start running around the acre.

Minnie has ears that blow with the wind.

Mickey’s ears have a combo standie-up and free fly.

And Duncan streamlines his ears for aerodynamics.

December 15

A call from the Humane Society came on a Monday afternoon. A boy was brought in after his owner was sent to jail and the owner didn’t come back to retrieve him after he was released.

Adam came home and he’s still with us. He’s probably one of the happiest boys I know.

Duncan was returned because he could be a little grumpy. He started out at the gardens as a foster, never gave us a minute of trouble and ended up staying as a Greyhound Garden hound.