Group week

I’ve been doing several fundraiser events lately. All of the group shots have been a hoot. But holy cow, I hold my breath every time.

Some days getting one dog to react is a challenge.

And the more I do them, the more I love them. Happy Saturday every one. Hope your week-end is fabulous.

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Flying into Friday

Taz and Toovie

I had the joy of photographing two yorkies and a chihuahua at the beach on Sunday. I had a blast with the two little itsy bitsies.

Happy Friday everyone.

Another week-end of sand and water


We had another beautiful fall week-end in Oregon and it was wet and wild. This is Toovie chasing around in the sand.


And this is Autzen chasing her tennis ball into the water.

We had a blast this week-end. Timber, on the other hand, is furious because none of the above included him. Ruht roh.

Da tongue says it all

I typically take weather forecasts with a grain of salt. I can’t even begin to guess how many promises of a snow storm have turned up as nothing.

The turn-out for the WillaMutt & Strut was great today. Lots of dogs and their humans turned out for the event. Fortunately it started early and ended before the temps tied for the high.

We didn’t have a lot of people stop by for a mini-session, but the ones that did were wonderful.

Both of my daughters came down from Portland to help. We really had a great time.



We met the cutest couple and their dog Charlee Friday evening while strolling down the old waterfront in Newport.

Charlee was so eager for affection, and since we love dogs more than most people, it wasn’t hard to reach down and scratch her ears.

Whoo could ask for a better model?

Portland loves their doggies


As part of the workshop Learn to Light that I attended this week-end, we were shooting people on the street. This young and her beagle Dozer graciously accepted the offer to have a photo taken.

I thought he was absolutely adorable and man did he ever ham it up for the camera.

Doggies in the city

The summer kicked off this week with First Wednesdays and well,  it went to the dogs.

Of course, there were several street entertainers but I only had eyes for the dogs. Once I got down to eye level, I realized that the shoes the owners were wearing were equally as entertaining. (Not casting any stones here, I’m a birkenstock/flip flop kinda girl.)

This guy was sporting a Harley Davidson jacket. Perfect combo for the tats and converse tennies at the other end of the leash.

As I was snapping photos of this handsome pooch, I overheard the conversation between the two men about his “silk” tie he is sporting.

Hmmm, maybe those are Italian dress shoes daddy is wearing.

You saw Maude earlier this week, the guy with his butt to us is Sir Farts Alot. Clearly this is one comfortable family.

I realize there are no shoes with the princess here, but Flocko insisted that I post this for Bunny. He is certain that a princess like her should have her own pink crown.

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