When technology chases technology


Technology can be absolutely baffling some days. Most of the time I am convinced that I born to be in the digital age. Last week I thought about going back to black and white film and a dark room.

Last Saturday we went out to the dog shelter to take photos. Every week we have been working our way through the dogs that were seized out of the warehouse. Unfortunately, my beloved camera began giving me grief. Something about a connection error. I tried all of the home grown remedies, but it still was unpredictable and I really needed a second body anyway.

Thursday, the newest family member arrived. A Canon 5D Mark III. She’s absolutely beautiful. I finally got her out of the box this morning so that I could use her out at the shelter. We bonded instantly. Until I tried to upload the photos in Lightroom 3. I’ve had the software for Lightroom 4 for a couple of months, just hadn’t taken the time to install it.

I did today because Lightroom 3 couldn’t handle the RAW files from the Canon. After the installation, I couldn’t export into Photoshop CS6 because it needed to be upgraded as well.

Finally, I got play instead of look-up, upgrade and install.

Lost in a pool of blue


In January, between 140 and 150 dogs were seized from a warehouse just outside of Salem ┬árun by a non-profit rescue group. I really don’t know any of the details except what I read in the paper. It wasn’t good. The dogs were underfed, dehydrated, poorly cared for and some needed a lot of medical attention.

The good news, some of the dogs are now ready to be adopted. We took pictures of the first few when we were out at the Marion County Dog Shelter two weeks ago. This is Cleo. She was an amazingly sweet and wonderful girl. I fell hard and fast for this one. In fact, all of the dogs we met were so sweet and so forgiving. Dogs are amazing to say the least.



Back in December when we started hydrotherapy with Moose we met a young Irish wolfhound puppy named Duffy. At 11 weeks old he suffered a spinal stroke that left him completely paralyzed in the hind-end.

The Irish Wolfhound community rallied on Duffy’s behalf. They started treatment and got the adorable pup back on his feet. Duffy was 14 weeks old when we met him in early December. I had no choice except to fall head over heels in love with this giant-pawed puppy.

We lost touch for a few weeks after we lost Moose, but now that Adam is in the pool, we’re watching Duffy again as he continues to improve.

This week at hydrotherapy, Patty, his owner asked if I would video his progress. With my little iPhone in hand and iMovie at my finger tips, I probably had more than I should have.

Here’s da boy going for a swim on Wednesday, Feb. 6.

Duffy from Terri Jacobson on Vimeo.

A little assistant love please


‘Tis the season is kicking my tookus. I’ve been busy doing a lot of mini-sessions and am guilty of many things. Not taking pictures of my own guys, not keeping with the blog like I once did and not getting out to the Marion County Dog Shelter as regularly as I would like to.

Well, Hark, I do believe I see a light at the end of my tunnel. Karen and I made our way out to the shelter today to take photos of the dogs available for adoption.

I admit it, I’ve had fun this week processing the Santa Karen photos and having many a laugh on her behalf. As I was looking at the photos from the shelter this morning, I thought this one was so true to form.

Come on, let’s send some love to the assistant, I couldn’t and wouldn’t wanna do it without her.

‘Twas the hour before

Santa Paws

‘Twas the hour before pictures when all through the store

The critters were shopping and waiting for more.

Santa just sat there all decked out in red,

Worried if her fluffies were soon to be shred.

Patiently they waited and laid on the rug,

The weimie, the boxer, the pyr, and the pug.

Santa was jolly and greeted the hounds,

While we listened to barking and all doggy sounds.

Santa, can we talk?

Santa Paws

So Santa, tell me again how big your sleigh is, I want a really big bone. And maybe two or three things to chase, make sure they are fast, ’cause I like to run fast. A king size bed in front of the fireplace would be nice. And, about 30,000 squeaky toys, they never last very long.

All paws on deck

Santa Paws

Dear Santa,

Why oh why do you have the look of fear in your eyes and a death grip on the dog?
Love, the photographer.

Today we had a photo event for Santa Paws at Nature’s Pet store in Salem. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it was, but it was definitely an all paws on deck kinda day. My awesome, amazing and wonderful daughters drove down from Portland to help… and well, three guesses to figure out who is hiding behind the beard… yes, that is Karen, best assistant ever.

I have never taken my dogs to see Santa and the girls were really little when they sat in Santa’s lap, but I suspected that not all dogs would recognize Karen as a true dog-lover behind the cloak of red and white.

Yup, I was right. We only had a couple of little dogs that really had no desire to there and this little one was one of them.

Over all it was a great day. A pair of dogs pulled Karen right out of her chair and she fogged up her glasses a couple of times.

It will take me a week to share all of my out takes.