Danny O’bleu


I swear. I announced tonight that I needed some models. Heads continued to hang off of the cushions. Seriously, you would think that I would get way more appreciation for two hots and a cot and multiple treats throughout the day.

Oh, did I say treat?

Fat heads.

They see us coming


I’m sure that Costco has us plugged into dog central. “Family suckers for new and different dog beds” is the comment on our profile.

So last week when we made our way into Costco, sure enough, there was a pile of new dog beds. We’ve seen beds like these, but they were always more whippet size. This time, they were bigger. Maybe even big enough for a greyhound. So of course we bought one. Just one. We’ve brought home beds before that the dogs immediately eliminated as a favorite. Our dogs are so funny.

We called these their bucket beds and sure enough, they loved it. All week they have taken turns laying in the new bucket. It had a removable cushion for extra padding on the bottom. We would walk into the room and the lucky dog that had the bed almost always removed the extra cushion.

Today we picked up two more. My desk sits out in the middle of everything and is L shaped. We put the two new beds under each part of my desk, the dogs are going nuts. They always lay at my feet as I work.


Skirvee is our tallest and biggest grey. Even he can curl up into a ball to fit.

Yes, our dogs crack us up.

Making hay while the sun shines

Danny Bleu

Well, sad to say my stay-cation is almost over. Monday morning I must return to work. I would describe my time off as some happy adjective between awesome and wonderful. Although Karen had to work most of the time, we took advantage of every minute she had off.

We made three delightful trips out to the coast, a couple of trips to Portland, ate a couple of great meals out and spent a lot of quality time with da doggies. It was great.

According to the forecast, the rain and cold are making a comeback and as of Monday morning, the alarm clock will be going off at o’dark hundred again.

Sure glad we made hay while the sun was shining.

Danny’s snackin’ adventure

Danny Bleu

Gotta love this dog. We decided it was his turn for the adventure and we loaded him up in the car and headed for the coast.

I’m always on the lookout for antique malls. You just never know when the perfect chair to sit a dog in will show up. Just as we pulled into Lincoln City, we drove by an untapped antique mall. We had to stop, just had to.

We assured Danny we would only be gone a few minutes and we were. The sun was going down and I didn’t want to miss it. Apparently, Danny read all of the comics that showed destructo dog with the caption that said “I thought you were never ever, ever, ever, ever coming back.” He thought for sure they were talking about us.

Now he wasn’t destructo dog in the true sense of the word, however… I always travel with extra dog snacks in the car. You just never know when they might come in handy. Danny just knew we were never coming back and thought that the dog snacks would be his last meal.

I’m not really sure what I thought was more funny. Crumbs strewn from stem to stern in my car or the look on Karen’s face as she was trying to figure out what was all over her seat.

Yup, gotta love the doggie.

Looking for summer


I actually took this one year ago today. And I remember wondering the same thing that day. What has happened to summer?

I made all of these promises to myself. More outings with the dogs. More photos, more stories, more time spent just chillin’. Sheesh, I missed those promises by a long shot. Where did the year go? Another summer is gone and I am a bit saddened.

I’m not ready for everything to kick into high gear.

Happy Labor Day everyone. It was a good summer, but how I wish it weren’t over.

Danny Bleu, are you sure I missed your birthday?

Danny Bleu

OK, I’ll continue on with my worst mommy of the year award, I missed Danny Bleu’s birthday too. Yes, on May 29, my bleu too turn 11. Geez, how has the time gone so fast? He was so young when he came to Greyhound Gardens and a foster/trainee.

We’ve had some good times together. When Danny first came home, we spent a lot of time trippin’ around in a 1970 Volkswagon bus. He loved that bus, kinda wish I still had it, but then I missed air conditioning and automatic transmission and we love the Element.

This week-end flew by. Karen and I took photos at the  dog shelter. Did our Saturday errands and were busy planning another sunset shoot out at the coast when I remembered that the daughter of one of our staff members in the office was having her quinceañera. We made it, barely and it was beautiful.

This morning instead of buckling down at the computer, it was an unexpectedly beautiful day and we loaded the red-head in the car and made a fast trip out to the beach. He’s exhausted tonight, but we had a delightful time.

Tonight, Karen and I delivered Gili’s ashes to his mom. It was so, so sad. I wish I could take her pain away.

Tucked away in three bags were a few of his toys, his beds and the turnout muzzle we provided to her when she adopted him 8 years ago. She was sending them home to our guys. They will love them I’m sure.

When we asked if she didn’t want to keep them for the next pup, she replied that she would want new. So I am hopeful that there will be another dog in her future. I truly believe she needs a companion and that when she least expects, Gili will deliver.

Did anyone else experience a whirlwind week-end or was it only in Oregon?

I own the beach


The beautiful weather sent us scrambling to the beach Saturday night for a sunset shot. I had originally planned to take Flocko, but for whatever reason, he’s hesitant to get into the car right now and I would rather take him peacefully because it is about an hour and 45 minute drive.

Danny was thrilled to go and boy was I ever thrilled that he went, he owned the camera that night. This is one of the first images I took and it just got better from here.

Are you guys telling me something?


Seriously, I don’t think kibble for modeling fees is unreasonable.


You look like this is torture, not like I am lavishing treats on you.


Is this really how you want the world to see greyhounds? Just a bunch of couch potatoes?


Danny Bleu’s wet adventure

Danny Bleu

It was a mild Saturday here in the gardens. According to the hounds, that means one thing… some lucky hound is going on an adventure. Danny was pretty excited when he drew the short bone.

What he didn’t expect was swimming lessons. He’s cruising up on his 11th birthday and we just want to make sure he stays strong and healthy.

At first, he clung to the steps for dear life. He was fairly certain that deep water had sharks.

And if he was going to get wet, everybody was going to get wet.

It didn’t take him long to discover that it was quite relaxing in the 92° pool. And, floating was easy and not tiring at all.

And Laurie is so gentle and loving. He’s a sucker for some extra love.

By the end of the lesson, he was swimming on his own with some extra cheering from Lori, the other hydrotherapy teacher and Laurie right by his side for safety.

I love hydrotherapy, I think it is some of the best help for dogs, we’re so lucky to have it in Salem.

And no, I never ever once said that Danny Bleu looked like Wilbur the drowned rat in this photo. Not ever.