New beds, part deux

Always a novelty, new beds attract the attention of all of the dogs. Danny watched as each of the smaller girls tried out the new beds.

Talley’s butt hung off, but Danny could see that she fit pretty well.
Roxy was able to snuggle in quite perfectly.
Maddie’s nose hung out of the new bed, but overall she fit quite well.
And Jori, known as the premier snuggler of the garden, fit perfectly.
Not wanting to be out done by the silly girls, Danny tried again. Everything fit, well everything except his butt, his head and his legs.
And at last, Danny may have found the perfect, or at least as perfect as he could, way to lay in the new beds.

Mommy, mommy—this one’s for you


Yes mommy, the “END 2008” campaign is almost coming to an end. But just in case, here I am just for you.

Bohica (short for Bend Over, Here It Comes Again) joined our family as the newest KNT hound. Her race name is KNT Bohican Smoke. She made us laugh, even when we didn’t think a laugh was possible. She is our gentle reminder to be prepared and keep everything in perspective.

Roxy, the sweet one in charge is welcoming the newbie.

Mickey thought the new girl was pretty cute, but he really wasn’t to sure about her.

Buddy thought the new chick was pretty darn cute, and oh so well behaved.

Danny has always had a soft spot for a pretty girl.

First blood of the year

Danny got the first call of the year to donate blood this morning.

Greyhounds make fabulous blood donors.

Over 60% of the greyhounds are universal blood donors. They have a higher number of red blood cells and can carry more oxygen in their blood than other breeds and combined with the fact that they are universal donors, veterinary clinics love to use them.

Every one of our guys that is younger than eight years old, except Flocko who has seizures makes their way to our emergency vet to see if they are eligible to donate blood.

Their blood is typed and then sent out to be tested.

Each dog only donates once every three months and they all seem to pick up the drill rather quickly. When the vet calls, we select the lucky dog. It usually takes 30-45 minutes from start to finish and the dogs always enjoy their extra snack they get as soon as they have donated. Danny, Jori, Minnie and Mickey are all universal donors. Flo, Talley and Moose are also donors, but they aren’t universal, so they are only used in certain situations. Duncan, Fonzi and Murphy are all retired donors.

We have met a few of the dogs we donated to and their families. They are so thankful to have donated blood as an option. It is expensive for a family to give their dog blood, and I always appreciate the family that is willing to do what ever it takes for their beloved pet and I am so happy that I have dogs that can donate.

The year of the ear

I admit it, greyhounds have greyt ears. First thing I always notice are the eyes, but then, it’s the ears that draw me in.

Greyhounds do amazing things with their ears and you can almost tell what they are thinking.

We have the…

I just got outta bed and don’t know what to do with my ears, better known as

A bad ear day


Moose has exceptionally greyt ears. Regularly, one flops forward and the other flops backward. 


Oneco always had one ear on red alert and the other ear in a casual perky position. It was as if she was sending a message, “I know where you are and what you are doing, have fun!” 


Adam demonstrates a modified perky. He knows what is going on, but really doesn’t want anyone to know he knows. 


Murphy has greyt, “They went thattaway” ears. His are probably the best.


Danny sports and almost modified “They went thattaway.”

And another snow day

I think I have time warped back to my childhood, back to the snow, the cold and the ice.

I’m freezing my butt off, but the guys with the furry coats don’t seem to have any problems with it at all.

Flocko “Take that you little stuffie!”

Flocko “Come on lil’ stuffie, we’re heading down the home stretch.”

Danny “It really is quite nippy out here and it doesn’t look any warmer over there.”

Crystal “Let’s go! This is fun!”

Crystal “Is this my best side for a snow shot?”

Maddie and Crystal A hound convoy.

Buddy “Hey, is anybody up there? Is it warmer?”

Adam “Bet you can’t see me, I put on my snow camouflage today.”

December 10

Danny came over to spend a month or so for a little socializing, housebreaking issues and some fun on the acre. We became attached at the hips and he never left.