I think I’m losing my marbles now

Danny Bleu   

I walked into the living room the other day and I swear I saw Danny Bleu laying on a cushion. I looked away and he was still there.

That night as we were watching TV I saw a shadow running into the house from the back yard into the kitchen and that happened two or three times.

We have said good bye to many of our greyhounds and things happen around the house all of the time that are remnants of behaviors past, but I have never ever been wide awake and at the same time see one of our dogs.

I guess everything that has happened over the last few months is starting to catch up in my brain.

It’s probably a good thing we are going on vacation in a few weeks.


Danny Bleu   

I hated going back to work this morning. I spent nearly my entire vacation hanging with the hounds in my sweat pants. For me, it was perfect. I took a trip here and there for photos, but if there was an option, we just hung out. I even went so far as to make my evening meal toast and jelly just so I didn’t have to kennel every one up.

I felt guilty leaving them this morning. I’m not really sure why, they have waited for us to leave to and return from work for their entire existence at Greyhound Gardens. It’s how we pay the kibble and the vet bills.

My last dream before I was rudely awakened was of Danny Bleu. His head and ears were up and he was alert, comfortably resting. He looked so beautiful and peaceful. He was watching me.

I can still see him in my dream as clear as if he were actually there.

We have held many paws as they crossed over the bridge. I miss them, but I don’t normally dream about them.

Yes, Danny Bleu, I miss you.

Changing of the guards


Skirvee was always our goofy greyhound. He knew how to make me laugh.  And today, an unexpected smile crossed my face.

Skirvee always took great pleasure in nosing his way in between our legs. Most of the time he would catch me off guard, come in from behind and throw me off balance because I would instantly become high-centered, he was just tall enough to do that. He loved getting his scratches that way and he did it often.

We really don’t have any other greyhounds that do that. Until today.


I was running the dogs for their noon time run and giving them loves as they came in when all of a sudden a greyhound appeared between my legs. I was shocked. But what surprised me even more was that it was Jillian, Skirvee’s litter mate. She has never offered to do anything like that, she is more of a side swiper kinda girl. And even more, she stayed while I scratched her ears.

An animal communicator once told me to watch for signs of things that only Talley did after we lost her. We would know that she had come back home.

At that very instant when Jillian came up between my legs, I knew that Skirvee was back home, safe and sound.

The keeper of my heart

Danny Bleu

Today was the hardest goodbye of all. I said goodbye to my Danny Bleu, keeper of my heart.

We’ve been together since 2004. He actually came to me to work on a little house training and socialization. He was only supposed to stay for a month or two for Rayetta, the president of the greyhound group I volunteered for.

I remember the day he came home so well. He hopped out the back of the truck and it was love at first sight for both us. He was the most beautiful greyhound I had ever seen. He was steel blue with amber eyes.

Back in the day I drove a 1970 Volkswagen bus. Instead of seats, it had a cot and Danny Bleu loved to ride on the cot, it was perfect for him. That damn bus backfired all of the time, but it never seemed to phase Danny. As long as he was with me, he was happy.

He was an awesome ambassador for greyhound adoption. He was regal, kind and the perfect greyhound.

He was also one of our universal blood donors. He was an amazing blood donor, they could hook the needle up and he would stand there until they got what they needed.

Fall was a favorite time of year and he would happily munch on the apples as they fell from the trees.

He loved to go on road trips. We often took him with us and everyone would ooooh and aaaah over his beauty.

He and I had a thing at bedtime. I would sit my fresh glass of ice water down on the table by the bed and he would eat three cookies and have a drink of my water. He was never one to sleep on the bed with me though, even though I really wanted him too.

Danny was the keeper of my heart, but he knew how to share it with all of the other dogs as they joined our family. He knew that deep down, he was my heart dog no one would ever come between us.

Danny Bleu

As I said my last goodbye to him, I gently held his paw to my heart and promised him that he would always be the keeper of my heart.

Danny Bleu aka Great Blue • May 29, 2001 to December 19, 2013

More power of the paw needed

Danny Bleu

I know that I have probably out-asked my quota by now, but we need some more good thoughts… anything you can send our direction.

He’s been getting a little weaker in his hind end, he’ll be 13 in May and we thought that maybe it was just an age thing. This morning however, he was really wobbly and panting very heavily.

I took him into the vet clinic as soon as they opened their doors. X rays revealed a bulge between the vertebrae. He spent the day at the clinic on a fentanyl drip, had a tiche of Ace to calm down and we started him on prednisone. The radiologist feels that it is acute that was probably fueled by a chronic injury.

Tonight he is at the e-vet clinic.

Our vet does not feel that he is candidate for surgery and knowing his personality, we agree.

He’s my bleu hoo, my Danny Bleu. I am so scared.

A new supplement

Danny Bleu

Danny turned 12 in May and he started to show a little weakness in his hind end. I tell you what, it sent me straight into a tither. He is my Bleu Hoo after all.

So, Karen pulled out her trusty iPad and started doing some research. She came up with the supplement called “Mobility.” It’s elk velvet antler. The product promises that the elk aren’t harmed and that it is a renewable resource. It also says it has been used in eastern medicine for 2000 years.

He’s been on it for about three weeks and I think we are seeing a difference. At least I sure hope so.

Are you using a supplement you really love for senior dogs? Have you tried the elk velvet antler?

Doomed, totally doomed


The world as the doggies know it is officially over. Something is happening and they don’t like it.

Tonight, after work our vet came to the house with vaccines. One-by-one we lined them up.

They know what that means, and it only means one really bad thing.

Yes, momma and momma are going on vacation… without them. Oh the horrors.

One week from Saturday night I am taking the red eye to Boston and from there I will be taking the bus to Rockport, Maine for a week-long photography workshop. Karen will get the dogs out to the kennel for boarding on Monday and take the red-eye out Monday night. She’ll spend a few days with her mom and meet me in Maine. After my workshop, we’ll play on the east coast.

Oh how I will miss the doggies, but we’ll have a great time.

The doggies on the other hand will have a great time at the kennel, the most beautiful place on earth for a kennel with tons of room to roam. But they will miss us I’m sure.

Looking for comfort


This year weather-wise has just been weird. The spring was unseasonably warm and sunny and now, the summer is following suit with even warmer temps.

Fortunately for the dogs, our property has plenty of really big shade trees. They seek them out all of the time. With all of the senior dogs we have, I would be really worried about the heat if they didn’t know to look for shade.

Hope the weather is mild where you are at.

Woo hoo

Danny, Jillian, Flocko and Talley in the background  

The neighbors are having a barbecue!

We are on our way.