Costco has new beds!


We buy Costco beds by the truck load. In March or so the rectangle beds come out and then by September the round ones are back. We stock up, keep a stash and replace. We seem to go through them at breakneck speed. We have a couple of cushion killers in the family. Fortunately for us, Costco has very reasonably priced cushions and the covers wash beautifully.

Today they had new orthopedic cushions in stock. These were significantly more pricey, and they are beautiful. I think we paid almost $50 for this one, it has an orthopedic bottom with a cooling gel pad.

Everyone is taking turns loving it tonight. I think we’ll have to get a few more.

Dreamy Kizzie


This last week flew by. I’m looking forward to catching a little dream time this weekend.

Happy 11th birthday Crystal


Last year in May we celebrated 7 birthdays, the year before we celebrated 8.

This year, we only have four.

But all four are happy and healthy.

Happy birthday little one, we hope you have many, many more.

Looking over her shoulder


Our house is about a quarter mile from the high school. It’s never been a problem. The kids that walk by have always been good and they never taunt the dogs.

Timber loves having the high school so close because on his walks he frequently get extra loves and attention from the students.

However, during the fall and spring, they have noisy outdoor sports. Football in the fall and track in the spring. Crystal and Flo are petrified of the noise.

I suppose it’s the loud speaker and lights during football season.

For track season though, it’s the gun they shoot to start the races. The entire evening they are just miserable, unwilling to go out and in Flo’s case, she won’t even eat her dinner. Since we get a break for winter and summer, we forget how much they dislike the noise. Tonight track season kicked off. The minute I saw them on the field when I drove by I remembered.

Poor babies. They wish that it were basketball indoors all year long.

High quality protein coming up


We have been dealing with leaking issues with Crystal for quite awhile now. We’ve tried drugs, we’ve tried cold laser therapy, we do frequent urine tests and cultures.

Today we had a second test come back with protein spilling into the urine. I’m not so crazy about that, in fact I’m a tad bit nervous.

Forward we go with a change in diet… another dog switching to Darwins. I have high hopes that diet will be most helpful. She has got to be one of our sweetest dogs. She’ll be 11 in May, so she doesn’t have youth on her side any longer.

Signed up for cold laser therapy


Crystal, our sweet little pocket rocket will be 11 in May and she’s starting to show some stiffness and weakness in her hind-end. Of course we have been worried about it, 11 isn’t that old.

After a consultation with our vet, we decided to try cold laser therapy for her and we really think it is helping. She still has days where she didn’t move as fast as she once did, but there seem to be fewer of them.

There has also been an extra benefit. She’s been leaking urine and that has dramatically diminished. Her therapy was 3x the first week, 2x the second week and 1x the third week, but I suspect that as long as she continues to improve, she’ll become a regular.

Besides, she looks really hot in the doggles she wears during treatment.

Sharing the joy


I think I have mentioned in past posts that Karen is now working in clinics outside of Salem. Because she is a nurse, she is able to keep busy. It also translates to her sometimes being gone Tuesday through Friday. She’s been able to commute home the last few weeks, but when the snow hit last Thursday, she stayed in the town she working Thursday night. She got about 12 inches of snow on Thursday and another 8-10 inches on Friday. The plan was that she would drive very carefully home on Friday night.

Minutes before she was to leave the clinic, I-5, the main thorough fare between here and there closed down due to an accident. I called her and told her she might want to get a room and then I promptly pulled up Google maps looking for alternate routes. It wasn’t until I clicked on bicycle routes that I actually got another way home through the small country towns.

Keep in mind, she was only 27 miles away. Several hours later, she arrived home safe and sound. I was thrilled. I really wanted help photographing all of the dogs out in the snow. We only get storms like this once every five years and since nearly our entire pack is ten years old and older, most of them probably will never get another snow day.

Crystal was thrilled to have Karen home. Karen in Crystal’s favorite human. She danced through the snow as she and Karen walked the acre.

To the beach and beyond

Crystal and Pete   

Or at least I wish it was beyond. Today was my last day of vacation. It was time to hit the beach. They all drew straws and to my surprise, it was Pete and Crystal. It was so beautiful out there. Much warmer than here in Salem and oh so sunny. We had a wonderful walk in the surf, snagged a couple of photos and came home so that I could get ready to go to work.

I’m fairly certain that I will suffer from severe separation anxiety. I love hanging at home with the doggies.