Oregon by Greyhound • The Gallon House Bridge

The Journey Gallon House Bridge
Location Silverton, Oregon • LAT 45° 01′ 55″ N  LON 122° 47′ 55″ W
Date February 22, 2009
Weather 48°, overcast and starting to rain
Distance 13 miles

The name Gallon House was due to the bridge’s use as a “pigeon drop” for liquor at the north entrance. Operators at a liquor dispensary nearby sold “white lightening” whiskey by the gallon to Silverton residents. At the time, Silverton was “dry,” not allowing liquor to be sold in town, while Mt. Angel was “wet.”
Source: oregon.com

Crystal would like to give the bridge and the afternoon drive a 4 paw rating.

Sunny days rule, rainy days drool

Whoa! This is January in Oregon and what is all of the bright stuff all over our back yard?

“It’s coming from over there. I think the sunshine I brought from Florida has finally caught up with me!” Says Cinderella.

Crystal chimes in, running from the back door “Don’t let it get away. I want to play in it too.”

Jori is just sure that the bright yellow toy she has found is the missing for many weeks sunshine.

Adam, the beautiful white knight is running through the neighborhood, shouting with glee for everyone to come out just to see.

Skirvee has found another toy. Oh where o’ where has the sun been hiding itself and the toys?

Minnie is ready to party. Woo Hoo!

The year of the ear

Standie-up ears

My personal favorites are the standie-up ears. Always at attention, standie-up ears get attention.

Talley never misses a trick, her standie-up radar dishes catch everything.

Skirvee is a total nutcase and his standie-up ears confirm it. He’s as fun-loving as he looks.

Pasha is a natural with his standie-up ears. He has such a distinguished look about him.

Crystal probably has the most versatile ears. Here she is sporting her alert standie-up ears, she had been watching the birds and was sure they were there for her entertainment.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

First, the good.

Feb. 20 the Fly Boys joined us from Florida.
Nov. 2 Pasha joined the gardens when his family moved to California
Nov. 9 Joey comes up to us on his own for ear scritches
Nov. 26 Crystalbella is back after four years in another home
Dec. 15 Cinderella arrived home from Florida

And then, the bad.

March 28 Cleo is diagnosed with lymphoma and goes to the bridge
April 9 Adam diagnosed with auto immune hemolytic anemia, and as of January 9, 2009 he will be nine months post diagnosis
July 31 Oneco goes to the bridge
Aug. 1 Clancy diagnosed with sarcoma, surgery removed the tumor with clean margins

Unfortunately, the Ugly

Vet bill for 2008 $13,717.40
Dog food 7,280 lbs.

I am a cookie jar

And this is what I see.

Cinderella, new to home life is gentle, plus her underbite helps her to take the cookies carefully.

Buddy is completely toothless and his bite is ever so gentle by default.

Crystal came from a home with small kids. I’d almost bet she was taught to have a very soft mouth when she took her cookies.

Minnie is pretty gentle, she is such a munch mouth though, she’s rather get her own cookies out of the cookie jar.

Not pictured is Flo. She prefers three or four fingers with her cookies.

Tundra three – Humor one • It’s melting

This is the face of a very happy camper! It is finally starting to thaw out around this frozen tundra. I have been in Oregon for nine days, 17 hours and 12 minutes. The clock on the back patio is finally registering above freezing.

The icicles are dripping and getting smaller.

And here is my proof, the thermometer says it is finally above 32°.

So here are the very last of the snow dog pictures. At least for another 40 years.

Crystal, Adam and Maddie checking out the scents on one of the beaten down pathes.

Crystal and Minnie.

Jori, Crystal and Minnie. Ice was falling off of the trees and definitely caught every one’s attention.

Moose listening to the noises in the trees.

Crystal, Jori, Cinderella and Minnie. None of us four girls wanted to venture off of the beaten path, even if it is starting to melt.

Moose and Mickey. Both lightweights. This is as far as they would go in the snow.

Still the bravest of them all.

Flocko wandering out and looking forward to warmth of his cushion inside.

Maddie, another one of those seniors not intimidated at all by the snow.

Minnie and Roxy all nestled in on their cushions.

Flocko, playing with a stuffie after braving the snow in the backyard.

Everyone is looking forward to the mudd that will follow the meltdown. Stay tuned for the muddy paw posts.

December 22

It was a phone call. We’re moving to California and we don’t think our 12.5 year old greyhound is strong enough to make the move. If we can’t find a home for him…

‘Nuff said, Pasha came to the gardens and he is such a delight. We really were the lucky ones to have him adopt us. He’s not an old man, he just got a new lease on life.

She’s back! Crystal started out in the gardens as a foster in 2004. When she was listed on Craigslist looking for a home, we stopped at nothing until we got her back. She’s our 47 lb. bundle of joy.

Tundra two – Humor zero

Everyday in Oregon makes me long for Florida. Over and over again.

This morning when we woke up, we woke up to snow, lots of snow on the ground. And it was coming out of the skies like if it didn’t all hit the ground at once, we might not have any snow.

Now I ask you, what is the point of having an acre if you can’t use all of it?

This is the heat wave we were promised today. Oops Mr. Weatherman, missed that one didn’t you?

Pasha, the 12 1/2 year old man is not about to miss anything. He was ready to go out and explore the entire acre. Cold and snowy or not, he still wants to see and smell it all.

Crystal loves to run and play in the snow with the best of them, but even she had the good sense to stay out of the snow flurry.

Now you would think a big brave boy like Flocko would be the one blazing the trail for me, but nope, he followed my around while I searched out the trails in the snow.

And just for reference, here is the greyhound spinner one day later.

Tundra one – Humor zero

What I haven’t told many of you, but on Friday I had my girly surgery. So to say the very least, my first days at Greyhound Gardens, well, they suck. So this morning bright and early I am excited to go with the boys.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. That snowy, wintery pasture of parad-ice. Solid ice. Greyhounds, are dogs on stilts. We don’t do well on ice.

For the first time, I was actually envious of that low-to-the-ground, Basset Hound, Lucee.

As I move around parad-ice, I thought you might like to see a little of what we are looking at.

A half-inch of ice has actually accumulated on everything. So imagine what four inches of snow is like with an ice coating. As I take one step, I fall through and if I don’t fall through, I slide.

The maple tree.

The spinner.

The garden greyhound.

And for your promised weather report. Still below freezing. A very light freezing rain falling.

Here is my best advice to everyone:

Find a buddy and snuggle.

And another snow day

I think I have time warped back to my childhood, back to the snow, the cold and the ice.

I’m freezing my butt off, but the guys with the furry coats don’t seem to have any problems with it at all.

Flocko “Take that you little stuffie!”

Flocko “Come on lil’ stuffie, we’re heading down the home stretch.”

Danny “It really is quite nippy out here and it doesn’t look any warmer over there.”

Crystal “Let’s go! This is fun!”

Crystal “Is this my best side for a snow shot?”

Maddie and Crystal A hound convoy.

Buddy “Hey, is anybody up there? Is it warmer?”

Adam “Bet you can’t see me, I put on my snow camouflage today.”