The faces of Cinderella


Cinderella is just one of those doggies. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t make us laugh and it is usually in some form of hysterics. Her antics are patented, she is such a nut. She leaps through the house with the greatest of ease. On a normal day, she has the cutest darn ears. She loves laying on the couch, as always, it is the best bed in the house.

But when the camera came out? She could only manage to give us every look but the ears look.

What a goof ball.

Waiting, going, it’s mine!


I’m fairly certain that Cinderella was born with springs in her legs. She is probably one of the most graceful greyhounds I have ever watched. She glides through the air with little to no effort. She watched intently as Karen prepared to throw her toy.

And in a split second, she was off and running.

She was out of the box, so to speak in nothing flat and going full tilt.

She barely slowed down as she approached her toy.

And was delighted with herself as she raced around the acre with her treasure.

Things aren’t looking up here


Things are not looking up around here tonight. Suitcases are out, I’m frantic and da doggies know something is up.


Tomorrow I leave for a week-long photography workshop in Montana. I’m pretty excited. The dogs and Karen, not so much.

I actually grew up in Montana and went to school at the University of  Montana, but I haven’t been back for over 30 years.


I’ve had a little sit-down with everyone. I’ve told them that they need to be on their best behavior for Karen. No fighting, be patient at meal times. Don’t wake her up at 4:30 am like they did me yesterday.

I’m not sure what my schedule will be, so I might not be back until September 1. I’m hoping to take even better photos of the hounds of Greyhound Gardens when I return.

Think positive thoughts for Karen. She’ll be fine, but she might need a break when I get back.

Thank you Karen… this is an awesome opportunity for me, without your support, I couldn’t do it.

Leapin’ lizards


That look of innocence you see, it ain’t so much.

Cinderella was a one-year old pup preparing for life as a racer when we met her. Yup, another Nancy and Paul hound. We were helping with the greyhound round-up and this little one wanted nothing to do with it. Quite elusive she was.

I literally crawled on my hands and knees through a blackberry tunnel so that the person at the other end could catch her. That shoulda been my first clue.

Karen took one look at her adorable face with her underbite and told her she was coming back to the gardens. When she made it clear at the track she was nothing but a party girl, Nancy called to say she was retiring and Karen took the next flight out to Florida to fly her home.

Party animal is really an understatement. She is the life of the party, in fact in some circles I suspect that Cinderella would be known as the “bad girl.” The girl that all of the other mommies would discourage their perfect daughters from hanging out with.

Yes, this one leaps into trouble, I mean action, at every turn. She used to harass Roxy unmercifully. Which alone isn’t bad, but the pack mentality can kick in so quickly it becomes not a good thing.

I came home to work at noon because I had a big project due on an extremely tight turn-around time. Timber was hanging out on a cushion in the living room minding his own business when she came flying in from outside. According to Timber that was his invite to play.

This little whippersnapper is fast, really fast and she had her front legs wrapped around his belly before I could get through the room and was doing the humpa dumpa doo. Now Timber has this amazing side jump body slam thing going like I have never seen on a dog. Keep in mind, Timber is probably 8 inches taller at the hips than she is and he was having none of that.

Cinderella is holding on like it’s the greatest game of tug o’ war ever and Timber is doing his side jump body slam thing when all of a sudden, everyone else thinks “dog pile” and they want to play.

I’m just thinking “oh shit” ’cause I know it could get ugly real fast if I don’t get it broken apart.

I did and they stopped, but for a few minutes in time afterwards I was checking out the prices for a slow boat ride to China for the whole crew.

Bottom line, when you have more than two dogs, it’s a pack and the alpha better remain on their toes.

The little fathead is back to being a sweet princess again tonight. It’s a good thing dog’s live in the moment ’cause ya never know when one of them is going to walk by and whisper in their buddy’s ear “bet you can’t catch me” and the games will begin again.

And we’re live with the Saturday Pet Blog Hop.

Flight of the Belli girl


I loved this series of the Belli girl and thought I would throw the rest of them up on the blog.

She looks so darn buff.

And I am fairly certain she have the bones of a bird, light as a feather.

And the stealth of a bucking bronco.

The grace of a ballerina.

When I saw this one coming at me, I figured I had better put down the camera. See the resemblance to a linebacker?

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Sorry Flocko


Sheesh, I’ve done it again. There was a birthday to be celebrated on Thursday, and yes, another one passed us by. Just for the record, I always forget the skin kid birthdays too.


According to Flocko, Christmas birthdays are the worst. He claims he always gets forgotten.

He still has his get up and go, even though he’s 8.

Happy 8th birthday you hunka, hunka hound dawg.

No, not the tree

Emma pointing to "the tree"

We’re very lucky, we have a fenced acre that has plenty of privacy provided by a ton of mature trees.

We back up to a wetlands that is surrounded by development. Except for the occasional ball that is tossed into our yard, our neighbors are great.

Most of the evergreens are cedar trees except for one ponderosa pine. It has always been a great source for hiding the only house that really showed up in the background.


Most of the time, I could position myself so that the white house was never there.


Once in awhile, the house was just there.

That tree provided a silhouette against the sunset on many occasions. By mid-July, the tree had died. It’s beautiful long green needles turned to rust. As a silhouette, they still looked great.

Sadly, this is what we came home to Saturday afternoon. The back yard looks really naked right now and my backdrop is gone.