Everybody is home safe and sound


This has been a really good week. Slinky got her stitches out and looks amazing. Even her vet was pleasantly surprised.

Flocko is healing slowly, but he is doing good. His tumor was somewhere between a grade 1 and a grade 2 and it looks like the vet got clean margins.

Today we brought home the three youngsters that we boarded during all of the chaos.

Yeppers, it was a good week.

Tomorrow Santa Paws and I will be bonding as we take pet photos with Santa Karen. I am especially looking forward to the outtakes.

The end of summer sadness


There is a bit of sadness today as we wind up the summer.

I never dreamed that by summer’s end we would have said good-bye to both Talley and Adam with in weeks of each other.

I envisioned long walks on the beach and late nights gazing at stars, neither of which happened.

I thought summer would last for months, and it didn’t.

I guess we continue to look forward to tomorrow.

The cowabunga kid


That’s our girl. I have more photos of her doin’ the happy dance than anything else.

Ears in free motion, one foot on the ground, smile on her face. Love this little girl.

Not all girls like pink


You would think that all girls would love the new pink settee. This one is probably my most favorite of all, not that I am willing to part with any of them. I thought for sure that Cinderella would feel like a princess.

Not so much.

Give her the green, green grass of home and she’s happy.

Silly girl.