A year later


This darn cat. It’s been a year and she still hasn’t read her memo that part of her job is to pose for photos.

We had her into to see the doctor last fall and they guestimated her age to somewhere around 14-15.

I guess she can be a little set in her ways.

Here kitty, kitty part 2

Kitty kitty   

So, today kitty kitty raced me into the garage when I got home. She wrapped herself around my ankles, purred like crazy and actually let me pick her up. I couldn’t get her out of the garage and get the door down.

I went around to the back yard. Not a smart move because she followed me back there and that is so not a safe place for anything. Most of the greyhounds don’t like critters.

So, I brought her in to the safety of the cats room.

Working on Plan B tomorrow.

Here kitty kitty

I’m working a on a project with the Willamette Humane Society and a new program they are putting together to spay and neuter feral cats in our community. I visited my first cat colony today and it was fascinating. The cats were really beautiful.

Just as we were opening our garage door to leave, this little beauty popped out of our dog house. Scared the daylights out of me. Since I had the camera and it was a cat kind of day, I absolutely had to take a few photos.

Besides, when I was growing up, my mother always said that three-colored cats bring good luck.

Bring it on kitty kitty.

I just thought I was in the doghouse


Yesterday, we were just in deep doo doo. Today, we are in the doghouse. I was scheduled to photograph cats for the 2014 Pets of Salem calendar. Wow, there were some real beauties.

Karen popped in and out during the day while she did some shopping. She just happened into the store while this little beauty was there.

They called her a greyhound cat with her long nose, long legs, long body and long tail. They think she may be a cross between an abyssinian and an oriental short hair.

Karen, who totally loves cats, fell in love faster than immediately. Every week we look at the kitty in the window from the Humane Society waiting for their forever home. And every week I say “shouldn’t we take that one home?” And every week Karen ushers me out of the store.

Welcome home Selima   

She had been a permanent foster. Her photo was up on the Humane Society’s adoptable page for nine months and no one even inquired about her. They think she is about seven years old.

Karen had her scooped up in her arms and on her way home before anyone even knew what happened.

Yup, I’m really in the doghouse now.

48 hours later… Lights, camera


Action? I’m thinking Miss Meredith isn’t quite ready to be a super model yet. She definitely has opinions and she isn’t afraid to express them.

She’s a very sweet kitty. She takes notice whenever we walk into the room. She rubs against our hands for extra loving. She’s still taking every thing in and becoming Juliass’s BFF isn’t on her agenda yet, nor is having her photo taken.

Sometimes when I look at her, I think she does somewhat resemble a sea otter.