A walk in the woods

Let’s face it, we live in the Pacific Northwest. Any opening in the weather is red-alert for road trip.

Actually, since I bought my new car in Washington, the State of Oregon (I live in the capitol city) mailed my license plates to the dealer in another state. Surely a mystery to me since they didn’t ask for ID, nor did they offer to put them on the car I just bought from them.

The Cedar Creek Grist Mill was another 45 minutes up the road and was on the Pacific Northwest bucket list.


Buddy, the oldest hound in the gardens—soon to be 14, drew the lucky straw.

Cedar Creek Grist Mill

The colors were beautiful as was the mill. It was a great day for a short hike and few photos.

Our new swimming friends

Going in for hydrotherapy once a week is a whole lot like when my daughters were little. As I waited on the sidelines, I would get to know the other parents and their children. Oddly enough, the dogs are no different.

This is Cannonball Cooper. He’s taking hydrotherapy to help recover from a reparative surgery.

The reality is, Cooper loves swimming lessons as much as he loves his ball. He would take every other dog’s turn if he could have it.

This is one happy dog. I suspect that on the way home, he and his momma rock out all the way home to radio.

This is Chase. He’s a 10 year old Great Dane, and there is something about this boy that has really tugged at my heart strings.

He just looks so kind and thoughtful.

He takes his swimming lessons in stride. He is there to help with some arthritis issues.

Yup, he just takes things in stride. He’s deaf and communicates with his owner through sign language. By day, he is a service dog, by night… he is just cool.

This is the other Buddy. Yesterday was his first time.

He wasn’t so sure about the pool yesterday, but today his prize was the frosted donut with sprinkles. He got into the pool all by himself.

He is also swimming following reparative surgery. He was so funny about not getting his hair wet. I personally think he just didn’t want to have a soggy donut.

And how is Roxy doing? She is a lady of leisure. Ah yes, couch or pool, she’s totally relaxed.

Yesterday Buddy started his lessons. He’s hanging in there pretty well.

Guess who starts swimming lessons this week?

I’m so excited for him to start. He’ll be 13 in November and he really gets around quite well, once in awhile he’ll show some weakness in his hind-end.

We’re really hoping that by starting him now, it will help keep any weakness at bay.

Roxy does so well in the water, wonder how Buddy will do? For the summer, Buddy will go on Fridays and Roxy will go on Saturdays.

My Budman

He’s a bit under the weather tonight. He’ll be 14 in November and I am a little nervous.

White light coming your way Buddy.

May is party central

May is party central in the gardens. Everybody it seems is celebrating a birthday and Adam is leading the pack.

Buddy and Adam discuss where they are going for their first bone. Of course, since Buddy is totally toothless, he’s thinking there had better be a selection of softer items. He does have a few years on Adam.

While we were out this evening taking Adam’s birthday picture, we noticed a thickening under Adam’s jaw. It’s a hard lump.

I’m not going to lie, we have been way too many hard lumps in our history with greyhounds.

I made a mad dash back to the pictures I took on Tuesday night and there isn’t a lump there so I’m hoping beyond hope that when I take him to the vet clinic in the morning it’s nothing.

So for now sweet Adam, kick your heels up sweet boy. Happy 11th birthday!

Springtime in the gardens


Yo ladies, check out this grass. It is nearly longer than my long legs.

OK Crystal, we know the grass is long. Have you seen the amount of rain we have been getting? What do you expect?

 Barney for one rather enjoys the cool long grass. It is much softer to lay down in.

Buddy took matters into his own paws and pointed the direction he thought we should be taking.

 Sadly, an acre of hard work has begun.

The short grass is so much nicer on a little old ladies tootsies.

Just for the record, the day ended perfectly.