Going to work

Yo Mickey, you just got the call. Remember the German Shepard that needed Minnie’s blood last week? They need more, time to go to work boy.
Mickey hates the vets, truth be told, Mickey hates anywhere but his big back yard. Going for a car ride is not one of the finer things in life according to Mickey.

When he heard the car keys jingle, his approach was run the other direction.

However, he proudly gave forth of his go-go juice for Sophie. A beautiful German Shepard. Minnie donated to her last week.

Rhut Ro

Call just came in, they want to partake of my blood today.


But wait, that means extra snacks.

We need you!

I’ve talked before about how a few of my greyhounds are blood donors. On Sunday I took Moose to the Salem Emergency Veterinary Clinic for a donation and since it was planned, there were enough hands on deck that I could stand back and take pictures.

Normally, I am right in there beside my hound as they are drawing the blood.

I told Moose it was time to go to work, but he just saw it as another adventure, an opportunity to co-pilot.

The short wait in the reception area became a real yawner for Moose when I reminded them to make sure the resident kitty cat was tucked away safely behind closed doors.

Admiring his big coursing veins is always the first step. They are right out there front and center.

A quick shave to insure that the area is clean. Of course, Moose has the shortest hair of all, so the bald spot hardly shows afterward.

The front-end tech gently holds the head. The idea is to avoid any movement so that the needle stays in place. The first time blood is drawn on a dog always seems to be the worst.

My guys usually settle down after the first time and just stand there.

During the draw, Dr. Erbes was telling me that the last time Moose donated, he was able to help three other dogs.

On many occasions, we have been able to meet both the dog and their owners. It’s very touching when you know you have helped save a life. I know how grateful I would be if my dog needed blood to save his life.

A team of four assists with the blood draw. The veterinarian draws the blood and holds the needle in place. A tech holds the head, another tech holds the body and this time, a second veterinarian is rocking the blood and weighing it as it pumps into the bag. Normally, I’m holding the back end of my hound.

My dogs usually stand, but Moose was relaxed enough to sit there during the entire time. It took 4.5 minutes from the needle stick to clamping it off to fill the bag. I think our record is 4 minutes.

This may look like the choke hold of death, but really they are just putting pressure on site where the blood was drawn. Completely normal.

Here we are, 450 gm of Moose’s famous go-go juice.

Since they have such thin skin, greyhounds are famous for getting small bruises under the skin. A little bit of ice held to the area helps to reduce the bruising. It doesn’t show up so much on black dogs, but the fawn and white dogs always show their hickeys.

A snack is always in order when it is over with. Just one of those perks.

And every good kid gets a smiley sticker when do their very best.

But the very best part of all are the loves and hugs and whispers of “whatta good boy” in his ears.

Greyhounds can donate blood until they are 8 years old, then it is time to retire them from the donating program.

It is a wonderful gift that they can give. If you are interested, talk to your vet or talk to your emergency vet to see if they have a donor program. As you can see, it’s a very easy procedure. Moose sat through the entire draw and was ready run and play in the backyard after. However, activity is restricted for about 24 hours after giving blood.

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My hero

By night, Minnie is a couch potato.

By day, Minnie is a speed demon, a wild woman.

And every day, Minnie is a hero to many dogs that she has donated blood to.

Many greyhounds are universal blood donors and Minnie is just one of them.

Today, a little poodle puppy named Molly was very sick. Her mom knew something was wrong when she brought her into the vet clinic. Her vets were worried.

When they called and asked for a donor, I had Minnie there within 30 minutes and held her paw while she bravely stood and donated her blood.

Tonight when I checked in on little Molly, she was feeling better, not out of the woods yet but feeling better.

You’ve got good go-go juice Minnie, you’re our hero.

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The Pet Blog Hop hosted by Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume. Many, many thanks to the hosts, the Pet Blog Hop rocks.
Please join us, the rules are simple:
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Down a pint

The day started out like any other day, rainy day that is. Lots of sleeping, splashing through the mud puddles and a little more sleeping.
And then the phone ring. I recognized the ring right away. “Yo Minnie,” I heard, “time for you to go to work girlfriend.”
And it was off to the vet clinic. A most beautiful pup needed my help, he was on his way into surgery.
Bravely I stood there as they quickly inserted the needle and drew out 450 gms of my healthy red blood.
Of course, I got quite the healthy treat afterward
and this fabulous pink wrap around my neck.

Another day and hopefully I helped that beautiful pup.

The vampires are out again

Beware! Be afraid! Watch your backs! They are out there lurking in the shadows.

I was out for my pre-dinner run, anxiously awaiting my kibbles and bits when the phone rang. The next thing I know mom is volunteering me.

Sure I was excited to go for a car ride, but when I think car ride, I think waterfalls, pumpkin patches and covered bridges. Not and I repeat not the shiny, slick floor place.

But I took it like man. My mom, Paul and Nancy (wave to Paul and Nancy) would have been so proud. I stood so still with my head held high. The needle hit the jugular and I didn’t even flinch. And you want to know what was most impressive? I beat the record, 500 gms of red hot stuff in 4.5 minutes.

Woo hoo! Way to get that job over with.

Now, with a class act like that, I was expecting steak and tail with a kitty cat on the side. But no, I got some healthy canned veterinary crap for my bright red blood.

Oh, and I’m sporting this ridiculous purple polka-dotted bandage thing. All the other greyhounds now laugh and call me names.

But on this foggy night, I have probably saved the life of a very cute 8 month old female puppy.

I just need to be left alone now. I must rest to regain my strength and replace all of those zillions of red blood cells they took away.

A guy like me can go to bed proud of the work I did today.

First blood of the year

Danny got the first call of the year to donate blood this morning.

Greyhounds make fabulous blood donors.

Over 60% of the greyhounds are universal blood donors. They have a higher number of red blood cells and can carry more oxygen in their blood than other breeds and combined with the fact that they are universal donors, veterinary clinics love to use them.

Every one of our guys that is younger than eight years old, except Flocko who has seizures makes their way to our emergency vet to see if they are eligible to donate blood.

Their blood is typed and then sent out to be tested.

Each dog only donates once every three months and they all seem to pick up the drill rather quickly. When the vet calls, we select the lucky dog. It usually takes 30-45 minutes from start to finish and the dogs always enjoy their extra snack they get as soon as they have donated. Danny, Jori, Minnie and Mickey are all universal donors. Flo, Talley and Moose are also donors, but they aren’t universal, so they are only used in certain situations. Duncan, Fonzi and Murphy are all retired donors.

We have met a few of the dogs we donated to and their families. They are so thankful to have donated blood as an option. It is expensive for a family to give their dog blood, and I always appreciate the family that is willing to do what ever it takes for their beloved pet and I am so happy that I have dogs that can donate.