Sound the alarms!

Something has happened to the back yard.

It’s cold, it’s all over the place.

It doesn’t smell like anything good to eat.

And everywhere we go, we find more.

Who wants to lay down and warm up in the sun now?

Happy Birthday Blender

Well little Missy, it’s your 11th birthday. You have grown so much in your 8 1/2 years with us.

I looked back at a few of your first photos. You’ve gotten a little white there girlfriend!

And you are so silly now. You just aren’t the same spooky shy girl you used to be.

Happy birthday Blender.

Once upon a time…

There was a day, back in May, the dogs had fun, we had some sun.

They had a blast, but it didn’t last.

The sun went away and was replaced, by yet another rainy day.

The Double-Digit Gang

It was time to take another double-digit gang picture. Lighting was perfect, cooperation wasn’t so perfect.

Seven dogs, ages 10 to 13.5. Two black, two white and fawn, one white and brindle, one fawn and one brindle.
Many, many images and I don’t think one shot was produced with all of them looking at me.
Duncan and Murphy exchanged a few pleasantries. The lump that continues to grow in leaps and bounds shows up quite well here.
Here’s the line-up: Left side, back to front – Roxy 13.5, Buddy 12.5, Blender 11, Murphy 12
Right side, back to front – Jori 10, Adam 10, Duncan 11

And this one is the family photo, yes even Karen and I are card-carrying members of the double-digit gang.


This week-end has been one of those delightful, unseasonably warm week-ends and sunset Sunday night was incredible.

I just happened to catch Blender as she was laying in the cool grass near the plum tree already in full bloom, waiting and watching for something.

There was some promise

When we got up, there were stars in the sky.

Of course, it was really early and we were all pretty tired.

But then, once again the skies slipped into an abyss, the stars started to disappear one by one

The fog rolled in and rained the whole day.

The pissed-off puppy

It wasn’t enough that our vet came out and gave everyone their vaccinations (thank you Dr. Mills), but poor Blender started limping yesterday and sure enough, another toe is swollen.

X-rays clean, phew, we’ll try antibiotics and hope they do the trick.

Yup, you know it’s summer when…

Digging in the cool dirt is more fun than anything else.

The greyhounds love nothing more than to walk through the cool and clean pools before they go off to find a dusty hole to dig in. For some of them, wading in the cool and clean pools with dirty feet is just as fun!

Adam with his beautiful white coat loves to dig awhile and then lay down in his prized hole so that the mud dries just right on his feet.

Minnie is more of a watercolor girl. She likes her feet really wet so that the dirt blends with her fur.

And Blender loves the Oreo cookie look. The neat nick paw in the background belongs to Moose. He is such a clean guy. He would never think of getting his feet dirty.