The Daily Dog Challenge on Flickr today isĀ Show us how your dog is royalty today. This is Blender. She’s the reigning queen of the gardens.

Blender came to us nearly 10 years ago with many firsts. She was our second greyhound and our first foster hound. She was our first failed attempt at fostering. She was our first time with an extremely shy dog. I have many wonderful memories of my youngest daughter reading her homework to Blender night after night. And I will never forget the night Blender left the safety of her bedroom and kennel to find out where Holly had disappeared to.

Blender has been with me the longest of all the hounds. She’ll be 13 this year and age is starting to take a bit of a toll on her body. She’s moving slower and in the cold I see her favoring her hind legs.

None the less, Blender is queen and all of the other hounds respect her.

Our dogs are weenies


I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, Karen grew up in Boston. Neither of us are strangers to heavy snowfall and if the truth be told, neither of us really miss it. But every once in a while we get an advisory that snow could be coming to the valley and I get excited. If it’s a work day, they usually close the campus (always a bonus) and I love the challenge of snow pics. The dogs aren’t really sure, it’s kind of fun, it’s kind of cold and really feels weird on the tootsies.


Their world just doesn’t look the same as they left it and you know how change is.


Murphy took care of business and hauled bootie back to the comforts of his cushion.


Blender tried to shake off and be brave.


Now the red head on the other hand, was right in his element. He loved playing in the snow.


Once Flocko saw Timber’s reaction, the snow was not so bad.


Party in the garden


There was a party in the gardens today. It will probably be a hot topic of conversation all week long.


Everyone came and everyone had a grand time.


Well, some may have had just a little too much fun.

Painting the town red

Inaugeral Red Hat Society - 2005

In 2005 I decided that the ladies of the gardens needed to form their own Red Hat Society. The ladies over 10 wore red and the girls under 10 wore pink. All of the girls got their hats in Photoshop

Phoebe will forever be the Grande Dame.

Red hot Houndies - 2007

By 2007, the ladies became much more organized and internet savvy. They discovered Bow Wow Bonnets and each lady ordered at hat made especially for her.

They officially named their charter the Red Hot Houndies.

Fast forward to 2011. We live with party animals, what can I say. The girls ordered a few new bonnets and are ready to show them off.

Roxy, currently the queen
Jillian, the party girl
Flo, the fun police

Isn’t it time your girls joined a Red Hat Society?

Party time at the Pet Blog Hop!

It’s time for the Saturday Pet Blog Hop!

Please join us, it’s simple.

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Blowing out 12 candles

Blender, I find it so hard to believe that 9 1/2 years ago you were so shy and so black.

Look at you now girlfriend! I believe we call this salt and pepper.

Still gorgeous after all these years. Happy 12th birthday Blender.

And for the honeymooners in Mexico… Emma is marking off the days on the calendar until her mommy and daddy get home. :o)))

May is party central

May is party central in the gardens. Everybody it seems is celebrating a birthday and Adam is leading the pack.

Buddy and Adam discuss where they are going for their first bone. Of course, since Buddy is totally toothless, he’s thinking there had better be a selection of softer items. He does have a few years on Adam.

While we were out this evening taking Adam’s birthday picture, we noticed a thickening under Adam’s jaw. It’s a hard lump.

I’m not going to lie, we have been way too many hard lumps in our history with greyhounds.

I made a mad dash back to the pictures I took on Tuesday night and there isn’t a lump there so I’m hoping beyond hope that when I take him to the vet clinic in the morning it’s nothing.

So for now sweet Adam, kick your heels up sweet boy. Happy 11th birthday!

It’s a greyhound thing

OK, our dogs do weird things. Our yard has multiple, big pine trees. They provide hours of entertainment for the greyhounds. They’ve almost reached China where they dig beneath them. Ring around the pine tree is a daily favorite. Bark at the squirrels living in them is a huge hit.

Once the trees start to dry up after the rainy season, they start leaning into trees. The lower branches become leaning posts. And then, they walk back and forth, pacing.
It has got to be one of the weirdest things, it even has a name. Trancing. 
There is nothing more joyful than rubbing your hands across a soft coat and suddenly and unknowingly getting stuck… in pine pitch.

But oh the satisfaction.

Yup, it’s a greyhound thing.

The black and blue crew

 Blender paved the path for our fostering experience. She was a very shy girl. When we went out to the kennel to pick out our first greyhound, she hovered at the back of the kennel, hoping not to be seen.
My youngest daughter, however, was not going to let that happen. As I was oohing and awing over all of the beautiful greyhounds, Holly had all but crawled into Blender’s kennel with her. The president of the group was so impressed, that after I took Fonzi home she called and asked if we would be willing to foster Blender.
 I really credit Holly for making Blender the wonderful do she is today. Holly spent hours and hours next to Blender’s safety spot in the kennel. She read to her, talked to her, watched TV with her.
After about two months in solitude, Holly came out to join us one night in the living room. I’ll never forget seeing Blender peak around the corner and bark. She wanted her Holly girl. It only took a couple of nights of that behavior and Blender began joining the family.
OK, I failed my first foster experience. Blender pretty much runs the roost at 12 years old.
For a little while, we were a revolving door for blue greyhounds. You don’t see very many of them, but as a gaggle of grays, they were really beautiful together.
This is Dezi. He wasn’t with us very long when he joined his wonderful forever mama down in Klamath Falls.
Danny on the right and Gracie in the middle were the corner stones for the blue crew. 
Mai Tai on the left was this spunky little blue brindle girl. She was placed into a home by another volunteer, so I never kept up with her whereabouts. I suspect though that she kept her family laughing all of the time. She was quite the little ham.

Tomorrow, the walk down memory lane takes an unexpected fork in the road. Come on back.

Preparing for the feast

“It went that way! The squirrel went that way.”

And the race was on. Nothing like a little fresh squirrel meat to be thankful for.

Slinky spotted it’s location first. Eye on the prize.

Not to be out done, her twin sister Jillian was right there with her.

Of course, Blender was the smart one. She wasn’t foolish enough to be out in the cold, instead she remained close to her bowl. Waiting for the feast to begin.

The hounds of Greyhound Gardens would like to wish every one a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Holiday or not, the greyhounds had us up at the crack of dawn. We still have freezing temperatures and they were only interested in a quick run and breakfast.

Looking to the east, Karen and I scrambled out the door so that we could enjoy the sunrise.

I have much to be thankful for.

Our dogs, they rock my world. My partner that indulges me everyday. My friends, many of whom are connected through the greyhounds, one way or another.