Honorary greyhound for a week

This is Emma Weimar. She belongs to  my youngest daughter Holly and her husband Joe. They got married in December but as of Monday night, they’ll be on their way to Mexico for a honeymoon.
Emma can hardly believe that they would choose a place to go that they couldn’t take her, however.
Emma is an honorary greyhound for the week.
She accepted her honors with dignity and grace.
Once the honors were bestowed, the greyhounds put their foot down. There are rules to be followed.
Emma listened closely.
Barney, being the newbie in the gardens knew all of the rules and he had a lot to say.
Crystal, on the other hand took a more gentle approach whispering sweet nothings in Emma’s ear.

Practice, practice, practice

Here at Greyhound Gardens we are fairly certain that sometime in the next four months, we will celebrate a dog day of summer. You know the ones that are hot and miserable, the kind that leave you longing to just lay in the cool, green grass.

Of course, spring is no where on the horizon. Guess we’re just being optimistic.

Sleepless in Salem

So this is Megan, she’s my oldest daughter. She prepared me for last night. As a baby, she was a screamer. She screamed until 2, 3 and 4 am every night.

Normally, I can sleep through a freight train coming through the living room, but last night…

This Barney. As a foster dog, he slept on the twin bed beside my bed every night. Apparently his family weren’t pushovers like me, because he hasn’t offered to get on the bed since his return.

My bed is a small queen, perfect for one human, one hound. And most nights, they take turns, I never sleep with the same dog. (I know, I know I’m a floozy).

Last night, Barney planted his butt in my bed, rolled over on his side and never moved muscle.

This is Flo, she doesn’t know no. If she wants it, it’s hers, if she might want it, it’s hers. Even if she doesn’t want it, it’s hers.

She’s one of our smaller dogs, but she likes the WHOLE bed and nothing less. She lays down on top of me until the weight of her body (or a flippin’ hot flash) moves me over to six inches on the edge. When it is her turn, I frequently wake up hanging on for dear life.

Last night, she decided it was her turn and she plopped down on the other side me.

At least with Barney on one side, I knew I was safe from the edge. The down side were the binding covers the two of them held down over me. Adjusting my position was going to be difficult.

Ya’ all know Flocko. He also wanted to sleep with me last night. When he draped his body over my legs that I knew beauty sleep was not in my future.

I figured one night on the couch was not going to kill me.

 Jillian however, has gained permanent custody of the couch and even though she is another small female, she can stretch her body out over at least two thirds of it.
I managed a corner for my head and dangled my legs off of the edge. This was questionable quality beauty sleep at this point.
Flocko discovered I had exited stage left and moved to the cushion beside me on the floor. Flo discovered my disappearance and immediately wanted to be on the couch with me.
I quickly snagged my position back in bed and Barney and slept peacefully for the next few hours.
The end.
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Springtime in the gardens


Yo ladies, check out this grass. It is nearly longer than my long legs.

OK Crystal, we know the grass is long. Have you seen the amount of rain we have been getting? What do you expect?

 Barney for one rather enjoys the cool long grass. It is much softer to lay down in.

Buddy took matters into his own paws and pointed the direction he thought we should be taking.

 Sadly, an acre of hard work has begun.

The short grass is so much nicer on a little old ladies tootsies.

Just for the record, the day ended perfectly.