Bonus round


It’s always a bonus round when it feels like a Monday but it us really a Tuesday.

Oh woe is me, the next three-day weekend isn’t until the end of May.

Peace and quiet at last


I love Friday nights, they are so peaceful at our house. As we settle down to relax, the doggies gather around us and just enjoy the moment. Life is good.

Grumpy old men

Barney and Murphy

Barney will be 14 in December and Murphy turned 14 in June. It’s true, they don’t seem to have the patience with the other dogs they once had.¬†Good news, (well sort of), Barney is completely toothless and harmless and Murphy is nearly toothless and harmless.

I am so pleased with how well they are both doing. Murphy has a slight limp in his hind leg but still manages to get around. Barney barrels through the other dogs like a plow through a snow drift. Barney’s appetite is amazing and Murphy licks the platter clean every time.

Guess I couldn’t ask for much more than this from the oldest of the double-digit gang.

And tonight, I give you Barnie the fat head


It’s gotta be a test. A test to see just how much I really missed the dogs while I was in Montana. You know, that week when I shared a queen-sized bed with nothing but pillows. Nobody woke me up between 4:30 and 5 am insisting that if they didn’t go out RIGHT NOW, I’d be sorry. My meals were my meals, there weren’t any black noses nudging me and trying to sneak something off of my plate. And, I had two hands free at all times, I didn’t have two sets of fluffy ears vying for the most attention.

OK, I’m back to reality now. It was during the breakfast gig. The dreaded one before I had to return to work. I carefully set each bowl on top of the kennels before I start to feed everyone.

Barney has been loose in the house since the day he came here at the ripe old age of 12. It’s hard to believe he’s going to be 14 in December. He drives me crazy every meal time as he runs back and forth through the house barking, demanding his meal.

I should have known something was up when he was so quiet. That is, until the crash of a full bowl of kibble hit the floor. Hello! If I wasn’t awake before, I was awake then. Two cups of kibble can cover a lot of ground at 6 am.

Congrats Barney. You get the “Fathead of the day” award.

We’re melting


Yes, I’m whining and we have air conditioning in the house. But it is hot. Low 90s today and upper 90s the rest of the week.

What on earth is that weatherman thinking? We’re from the Pacific Northwest for crying out loud!