We will love you forever Barney

Buddy, Darby, Danny, Buddy

Some of my favorite memories were fostering greyhounds. We probably had 60 or 70 come through the house and I don’t ever remember having one that was a problem.

More than once we would hand over one leash to a new family and pick up the leash of someone that was gonna stay awhile.

Crystal was a tiny petite little girl that we loved and wanted to keep so much, but she was perfect for a family. I openly cried as I handed over the leash to that adorable little white and brindle girl. Somehow, Rayetta knew that we needed another and fast. Val’s Bold One was coming back, he had housebreaking issues. They called him Bold One, we called him Barney.

He was a big white and red brindle that got along with every one. He insisted that the only place to sleep in the house was next to me. We thought he would be with us forever.

Then one day in February, he got adopted. Just. Like. That.

Six years later, his family called and said they were moving out of state and couldn’t take Barney with them. We never gave it a second thought, we brought him back home to the gardens at the young age of 12.

Barney was completely at home when he came back, it was like he had never left.

Barney was almost an in your face kinda guy. You always knew he was in the house and if anyone wanted to be outside, he wanted to be with them, outside.

Dinner time always drove us the most crazy. Barney was underfoot and wanted everybody’s foot. I don’t think I ever remember Barney missing a meal. More than once he pulled a full dog bowl off the kennel scattering kibble for rooms and he would be there scarfing it up as fast as he could.

He loved the cushion closest to my desk and he would hang his head off of the edge with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

We could take Barney anywhere, he was a true ambassador for the greyhounds. He was a gentle and kind soul through and through.

When we brought Timber home, he became the fun police. It was quite comical to see him try and keep the big borzoi in line.

Even though Barney tried to keep Timber in line, they were still friends.

He showed Timber the ropes, and Timber picked up all of the good and a little bit of the in your face attitude.

Barney was beautiful and strong and healthy all the way to the end. He would have been 15 years old in December and we thought he would live forever.

In my heart, he is still on the cushion at my feet with his tongue hanging out. He brought us so much joy these last three years and the house is so empty without him.

May the fire keep you warm at night and the light guide your way for grand adventures

Barney aka Val’s Bold One • December 13, 1998 to November 13, 2013

Paws crossed, again


Today was the third time in as many weeks that we have had so much rain that it made it’s way into my little rustic studio.

Enough is enough. The heavy rains can cease and desist.

I have no caption


Somehow, I think Barney looked just like this on the post on Friday.

I guess when you are 14.5 years old, you ear this look.

Dear weekend, is that really you?


I don’t know about anyone else, but it sure seems to me like the weeks are getting longer, the weekends are getting shorter and they aren’t coming as often as they used to.

Glad this week is behind me.

The age factor


How is it that everyone became senior dogs all at once? Barney is on the downhill side to 15 years old. He has been so vibrant for so long, it is hard to watch him decline just a little. He was more wobbly tonight than usual.

Hang in their kid, you are the spunkiest dog I know.

My obligatory Sunday night post


I can’t believe the weekend is over. I can’t believe I have to go to work tomorrow. I can’t believe Monday is here already.

Make it go away.

I think I will go back to hiding my head in the sand.