We wait and we wait for the week-end to come. It takes forever. And then, when it finally gets here, its gone.

How does that happen?

Oregon Traumatizes Greyhounds

Meanwhile back at the gardens…

All of the greyhounds sat around the kibble bowl comparing their adventures. Bridges, waterfalls and more.

Adam chimed in first. Oh my gosh, mine was the scariest of all! Did you see that long, steep staircase! I couldn’t believe I had to climb them!

I was so scared!

Oh no, if you guys could have seen all of the people, the snow and those really noisy falls I had to endure… you would know that I had the scariest adventure of all.

I couldn’t even look at the falls they were so noisy.

Oh please, who are you trying to kid? I had to jump over giant logs on my walk.

Look at what I was expected to do? Everyone knows I won’t jump!

Why, I thought were going shoe shopping and instead we ended up looking over the mill race. I was petrified!

The water was really loud and is raced under my feet. What on earth were the momma’s thinking?

But you guys never saw where I had to go. It was horrible. There were square holes under my feet and I could see forever below me.

I just wanted to stay in the car after that walk.

I could see the creek below my feet. And those square things, what was that all about? I read the article and it said dog friendly, maybe those dogs wore snowshoes!

Oregon by Greyhound • Majestic Falls

The Adventure Majestic Falls

Location LAT 44.46833 N LON 122.67361 W
Date June 7, 2009
Weather 65°, Cloudy

Distance 52.5 miles

Less than a mile up the road are two more falls. We made it to one more. From the parking lot, a great little path with stone steps leads to an observation deck at the top of the falls.

Even though the top was quite fun, we looked forward to walking down to the base. Having read ahead, I knew there were stairs. Adam got to come because he does so well on stairs. Most stairs that is.

From the viewing platform at the base of the stairs, Majestic Falls earns it’s name.

McDowell Creek tumbles down nearly 40 ft. into the pool below. Moss covered rocks provide the natural framework.

Adam did very well going down the steep staircase. I thought going up would be even better.

Adam made me think again. He wasn’t crazy about going up at all. After a few minutes of coaxing, I thought we were going to have to make a Plan B. Nervous and unsure, Adam made his way to the top of the stairs.

I’m pretty sure that during all of the coaxing, I promised him he would never see stairs again.

Oregon by Greyhound • Royal Terrace Falls

The Adventure Royal Terrace Falls

Location LAT 44.44073 N LON 122.59118 W
Date June 7, 2009
Weather 65°, Cloudy

Distance 51.9 miles

Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Range in Linn County is a hidden gem. Best described, someone wrote that if Silver Falls State Park weren’t 25 miles to the north, more people would visit McDowell Creek Falls Park.
The trails are beautifully maintained and a very easy walk.
Around a corner and over a footbridge, this was our first sight of Royal Terrace Falls. Appropriately named, Fall Creek drops over three terraces.
Eagle eye Karen immediately noticed the hole that water dropped through on the second terrace.
Adam was thrilled with this part of the walk. It was easy and the footbridges had wonderfully safe guardrails.
The bottom tier was probably my favorite part of the falls.

Beautifully framed in green, Royal Terrace Falls drops 119 ft.

The trail was most lined with deciduous trees and was most enjoyable for a quick Sunday jaunt.

Make a best friend better

Just a little endorsement from the garden hounds.

Greyhounds are famous for their not so great teeth.

Could be genetics…

Could be those long skinny noses.

But a big ol’ knuckle bone, a Merrick Saddle Sergeant bone

is sure to brighten and whiten and make a happy dog.

Adda Dabba Doggie Doo

A greyt happy birthday roo to you!

It is a huge joy for us to usher in your 9th birthday. One year ago you were so sick, we weren’t sure you would celebrate that birthday little lone another birthday this year. But you did it! And you remain one of the happiest, sweetest dogs around.
Rolling around in the cool green grass continues to be a favorite past time.
And if the grass is just not right, the couch will work as an option. 
Whoever suggested that greyhounds don’t shed never met you and your thick beautiful coat. Shedding year around isn’t unusual for you at all, but you love the brushings so it works. Your soft beautiful coat is worth it.
We’re celebrating you today Adam and boy oh boy am I glad we get to celebrate.
Happy Birthday Adam!

Oregon by Greyhound • Sunset at the Coast

The Adventure Sunset on the Oregon Coast
Location LAT 44° 58′ 06″  N  LON  124° 01′ 01″ W 
Date April 18, 2009
Weather 48°, Clear
Distance 61.6  miles

I’m wearing a special sushi collar, must mean seafood for dinner tonight.
Well, I ended up staying in the car while the moms went to Kyllos. 
But look, maybe I get baby mermaid for dinner!
OK, the kid is cute, but I’m really here to see the sunset.
Holy crap! This gives a whole new meaning to a big back yard.
Tide is coming in, check out those waves.
I see something down there.

A playful moment.
900 pics later and the sun is almost down.