It’s the week-end

Woo hoo! It’s the week-end, a three-day week-end.

Yup, got my chair, my remote. I’m ready to take on the satellite dish.

Yo woman, where’s my beer?


You know guys, I feed you well. How about some cooperation.

Ears up and perky.

Eyes to the camera.


Houston, we have a problem

Momma T is in the kitchen. She never cooks. Not ever.

Ya, I heard something like, “blankety blank, didn’t have to have my glasses on last time I tried to use the blender and the Cuisinart”. Then I heard something about grandma being a dump cook. Doesn’t everyone know how much 2 boxes, 1 can and a carton equals? Aren’t they all standard sizes?

Yup, keeping a low profile here. Think McDonalds might be in the future for the office potluck.

Be afraid, be very afraid • part 1

It’s that time of year, when you have to move about cautiously.

Watch over your shoulder…

and stay low to the ground.

Move forward ever so slowly…

Ready to run away on a moments notice.

Trust no one.

And be fully aware of what lies ahead…

To be continued.

Hanging by a thread

Picture if you will, autumn in Oregon. It’s 5 am, run the dogs and coffee time. The maple tree is just beginning to drop it’s leaves. A leaf falls and is caught mid-air, tangled in a spider web.

Dangling for a moment, the spider descends, hoping for a tasty snack.

The spider was less than appreciative as the camera flashed and the weight of the leaf pulled at the web.

And within less than five minutes, the leaf got stuck and

the spider released it.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, do I ever do anything besides run the dogs and take pictures?

Pretty much not. But I have enlisted the boys to help with the dishes.

Outrage. Mutiny. Revolution.

I made a mistake. I’m sorry, really truly I am.

Yesterday I proclaimed it to be beautiful brindle day. Today, when the doggies anxiously ran to the computer to read the blog, SOME of them were furious. They demanded that I include some white in the proclamation.

Although the brindle in his face is turning more white, Adam lead the early morning rebellion.

He wanted to make sure that I included his white tipped on brindle ear. A unique feature that only a white a brindle hound could sport.

Crystal, so frustrated over the entire situation could hardly look me in the eyes.

Laying her head down in disappointment, she showed off her “My Little Pony” mohawk.

Flo shuttered in disbelief.

Posing for the camera only in support of the revolution, she stuck her tongue out at me and gave me the look. Flo probably has the best “looks.”

And Mr. Pasha, the sensible one, sat down across the table from me ready to negotiate.

All ears, Pasha listened as I apologized, begging for forgiveness and promising never to make the mistake again.

I have re-proclamated October 8 as beautiful brindle, white and brindle day.

Yup, you know it’s summer when…

Digging in the cool dirt is more fun than anything else.

The greyhounds love nothing more than to walk through the cool and clean pools before they go off to find a dusty hole to dig in. For some of them, wading in the cool and clean pools with dirty feet is just as fun!

Adam with his beautiful white coat loves to dig awhile and then lay down in his prized hole so that the mud dries just right on his feet.

Minnie is more of a watercolor girl. She likes her feet really wet so that the dirt blends with her fur.

And Blender loves the Oreo cookie look. The neat nick paw in the background belongs to Moose. He is such a clean guy. He would never think of getting his feet dirty.