Perfect Fall Day

Today was a perfect fall day. Perfect for the hounds to just hang out on the acre.

A perfect day to just watch the clouds float by.

A perfect day to take a nap.

And a perfect day just to catch a few rays.

Lovin’ this fall weather.

Oh Puhlease

We have spent how much in soft cushy beds for you and where do you want to sleep?

That my dear doggies is the middle of the floor in the middle of the room.

Sunset at the pond

We thought we would take Adam down to the pond tonight for the sunset.

It didn’t quite work out for me like I had hoped with Adam.

The purple weeds on the other side caught my attention, they were pretty stunning.

But they were nothing like the painted reflection in the pond when Karen had me turn around and take a look.

The Homecoming

Every night for nearly five nights they watched and

and they waited ever so patiently for me to come home.

The minute I walked in the door in the wee hours of Saturday morning it was a party.

My greeting was incredible. All eyes on me as tails wagged and tongues delivered the sloppiest wet kisses.

To say the least, it feels pretty darn good to be home.

Well almost. I didn’t miss the mosquitoes.

Greyhounds Don’t Shed

One of a greyhounds more desirable traits is their amazingly easy coat care. Most of them shed very little, if at all.

There is however, a very rare hybrid known as the wooley mammouth greyhound. Adam is one of the decendants. Just a little shake in the backyard,

And we get a flurry of hair. Doesn’t really matter which season we are celebrating, and it doesn’t matter how much we brush him, Adam is just one of those wooley greyhounds.

A slight breeze will kick the hair off of his back, but he’s our wooley boy and we love him.

The Double-Digit Gang

It was time to take another double-digit gang picture. Lighting was perfect, cooperation wasn’t so perfect.

Seven dogs, ages 10 to 13.5. Two black, two white and fawn, one white and brindle, one fawn and one brindle.
Many, many images and I don’t think one shot was produced with all of them looking at me.
Duncan and Murphy exchanged a few pleasantries. The lump that continues to grow in leaps and bounds shows up quite well here.
Here’s the line-up: Left side, back to front – Roxy 13.5, Buddy 12.5, Blender 11, Murphy 12
Right side, back to front – Jori 10, Adam 10, Duncan 11

And this one is the family photo, yes even Karen and I are card-carrying members of the double-digit gang.

Yo Adam

Hey, you over there. Yes, I’m looking at you.

Do you see anything different about me?

I’m an official member of the Double-Digit Gang today. As we all know, membership has it’s benefits.

Extra cookies! Woo hoo.

So please, join me in a round of Happy Birthday to me.

In case you’re wondering

Mom has gone back to working four-tens. She’s adjusting to work just fine, but seems to spend a whole bunch of time chasing her tail when she gets home. It’s a good thing we sleep alot.

And poor Danny Bleu still has not completely recovered from his accident. He’s still limping on his front leg. Poor baby.