Morning rituals

Zippy and Karen   

I love our weekend mornings more than anything else. I start looking forward to them on Sundays at noon.

It all starts after we run and feed the dogs.

Rock pigeon   

Karen makes the coffee and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed we make our way out to the barn. Even when the temps were in the high teens and low twenties, we went out to the barn for coffee and conversation and photos.

Rock pigeon   

So maybe we slowly saunter out to the barn, it is before coffee after all.

Anna’s hummingbird   

We take roll call with the bird kingdom. Our little male hummingbird is always the first to arrive. I call him Peter Pan and he nearly always responds with his bright pink face.

Anna’s hummingbird.  

His bride usually checks in as well. She’s a wee bit puffy because the mornings are still a little chilly.

Mourning dove   

We have two dozen or so mourning doves that join us. They line the branches of the trees, the fence and graze in the grasses for some of the perfect morsels other birds have left behind.

American gold finches   

We have a huge variety of small song birds that have their breakfast while we enjoy our coffee. I often wonder if they have the same conversations that we do.

European starlings   

Every once in a while we have a flock of starlings join us. We sort of re-routed them with a different seed because the other birds don’t really like them.

This morning we had a bit of a catastrophe. The starlings were enjoying the suet when out of the clear blue a hawk swooped in and I’m pretty sure he got his breakfast. That was the end of our morning show though. All of the birds scattered to the winds for hours.

Western scrub jay   

Even the jays stayed away all day. We have about four that come through the peanut ring one-by-one to collect a peanut and fly off. I’m not sure who  the recipient of the shells are, but I’m sure they thank us everyday.

Downy woodpecker

 We have a pair of downy’s that visit us regularly. This is the little male and I adore him. The little female usually comes at a separate time.


The flickers are rather shy, but you can see the suet on beak from his breakfast. We probably have four or five flickers that swoop in and swoop out.

Zip and Timber   

These two do their best to lay peacefully on their cushions or stand by our sides for ear scratches, but when they’ve had enough they let us know when coffee and conversation hour is over.

Resident squirrels   

And the squirrels are always much relieved to see us leave the barn.

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