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Two-day old chicks
Edie, Talley and Maude   

Greyhound Gardens is expanding again

We’ve talked about getting pets with benefits for over a year now. It’s all part of our plan to become a little more self-sustainable. And seriously, what could possibly be better than fresh eggs? Let me insert here that they will never be chicken dinner.

Last week-end we drove out to Sweet Home and ordered a custom chicken coop. Lil’ day old baby chicks need to have 90° temps for their first weeks of life so we went ahead and got the chicks today. They are living in our second bathroom until they outgrow the tub they are in, then we’ll move them to the basement until they graduate to the coop.

Hillary and Talley   

We’ve had a list of names for a year now and when we got them home, they quickly adopted the names of some of the greyhounds we miss so dearly.

It was clear that Hillary was already on the campaign trail, she got her name before anyone else. Hillary is a black austrolorp, she’s chatting with Talley,  an americauna. Blender is resting nicely in front. Maude (named after Karen’s grandma) is hiding in back and Edie is the brindley looking one in front. Edie is an assorted bantam, we’re hoping for a silkie. Maude is an olive egger. Blender is a barred rock.


Gracie is the sweet little one. She’s the tiniest of the flock and kind of hangs by herself. She is also an assorted bantam.

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