Raining big dogs


We faithfully went to the barn for our coffee over the weekend, but we had rain, a little more rain and even more rain. Our poor acre has no idea what to do with all of the rain. For now, it’s all just standing water.

The boys laid down on their cushions and just looked longingly out at the yard. They wanted to play, but it was even too wet for them.

The garden rain boots   

We’ve been upgrading our gear for the garden this summer. Doesn’t everybody own a pair a Converse rubber shoes? Mine are almost a neon orange. The puddles see us coming.

Wading juncos.  

Our poor little juncos feed from the seed that has dropped from the feeders. They had a hard time finding their food on Sunday.

House finches   

The house finches on the other hand, really appreciate the umbrellas.

More rain is coming tomorrow.

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