Our morning coffee view

Zip and Timber   

Sunday morning. Oh how I love my relaxed cup of coffee in the barn with Karen.

I’ve discovered that we get up way earlier than the birds. Pete, our hummingbird, is always up when we go out, but the rest of the birds are a lazy bunch. One by one we watch as they come out of their hidey holes to stretch their wings and grab a few nibbles of seed. Inevitably, once the birds show up, the boys get up off of their cushions in the barn and continually disturb the ground feeders. 

I often threaten Zip and Timber that if they don’t stop it, they don’t get to go to the barn for coffee. I fear they would be highly disappointed and I don’t want to do that to them.

The fenced area behind them is our 30 x 30′ garden area patiently waiting for spring. The wine barrels will be filled with flowers. On the outside we can have dog safe, on the inside we’ll have flowers that the hummingbirds go wild for. I hope. Up and down the fencing we’ll plant runner beans. The hummingbirds loved the runner bean flowers last summer.

Right now the ground is sopping wet. By the time we finished with coffee this morning those eight snowy white paws were blackened up to their hocks with mud.

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