Be careful what you wish for

Two borzoi
Glory and Sage   

After all the freezing and snow last week came 50° and rain this week. Our yard is a smoothy mess of mud with a little bit of grass showing. 

The dogs love it. They can finally go out and just roam around enjoying the smells.

Sage and Glory are having the time of their lives. All of the muck and mud thrill them as they chase around, squishing it in between their toes and best of all, caking it onto all of their feathers.

Maybe the freezing cold temps weren’t so bad.

Women’s march, Salem, Oregon   

As a side note, Karen and I attended the Women’s march in Salem. They estimated 4,500 people were in attendance today. It was amazing to be a part of it and even more amazing as we watched the numbers roll in from other locations.

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