A better day

Two borzoi
Zip and Timber.  

Today was much better for Zippy. Thank goodness. That boy had me pretty worried yesterday.

He ate his breakfast, not with a whole lot of enthusiasm, but he at. I told him he was going to have to spend another day at the vet clinic without me if he didn’t turn things around.

He was quite cute at the vet clinic. He was thrilled to get in the car to go somewhere, happy to trot into the clinic. Once the vet came in, he nearly climbed into my skin and there was no way he was going to go anywhere with the vet tech.

I walked him back to the X-ray room, gave him a kiss and told him I would be just outside the room, but instead he made a beeline for the other door to go out. Reluctantly, I left him. If things weren’t moving through his bowel, we had to know.

The vet took a look at his X-rays, said he was doing great and they pulled his catheter. He was ever so happy to see me.

Tonight he was my sous chef as I prepared the meals. It’s difficult around here these days because some want me to hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, extra mustard… Anyway, I fixed his meal to perfection with his coaxing and he ate it all. 

I was one very happy mommy.

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