Step one, feed the birds

Two borzoi
Timber and Zip   

Step two, prevent the borzoi from eating the bird seed the starlings don’t want to eat.

We love watching the birds. They entertain us for hours. We’ve been recently overthrown by the European starling society. They are truly beautiful birds and they are quite entertaining to watch, but when they call them bully birds, they are kinda right. The worst part is the mess they make. They have quite a selective palette. And what they don’t like they pick out and throw to the ground.

And, what they throw to the ground is wonderful for the ground feeders, but we aren’t crazy about the dogs consuming the seeds. 

It seems like we are always evolving our methods. Tonight we have round fire pit grates covering the openings of the wine barrels. Tomorrow we are switching to safflower seed because that is not part of the must-have starling diet.


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