A little winter magic

Borzoi and greyhound
Sage and Sara  

There is a whole lot of magic going on in this photo. Sage the borzoi is our youngest dog and Sara is our oldest greyhound. And, it’s snowing in Salem.

Sara came to us after her owner unexpectedly died. She was almost 10 years old, separated from her sister and devastated. She’s very quiet and never asks for much. To this day I think she still misses her original owner.

She has however, really taken to the two borzoi pups. When they go outside, she is right at the door to go out with them. It’s quite sweet and we if that’s what Sara wants, that’s what Sara gets.

4 Replies to “A little winter magic”

  1. OMD!! I was JUST thinking about you all in the middle of the night! Really! I’ve missed you, your pack and your beautiful photos! How is your daughter’s dog? How is the pack? SO glad to hear from you. We continue with our 8th rottie. Like you, we love a breed! Happy New Year to ALL of you!

    1. Thank you! The pack is good, only so much smaller now. Five greyhounds and four borzoi. Eight rotties. Wow. I love those guys, everyone of them that I have photographed have been so gentle and so sweet.

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