Oh Miss Nellie Bellie


In July Cinderella broke her outside toe on one of her hind legs. There wasn’t much we could do but keep an on the toe and if things didn’t get better, we would have to amputate it.

She has done really well.

On Sunday she played and ran and had a grand time. She was fine and honestly, we forgot she had even broken the toe.

She buck and jumped and absolutely had a blast playing with the tennis ball.

And then, tonight she could barely walk into the house. Something clearly wasn’t right. I don’t think she re-injured the toe on Sunday, but I’m wondering if she did something on her first run out after work.

The squirrels and jays were going crazy in the back yard.

She’ll get the 24 hour rule. If she isn’t moving better tomorrow, it’s back to the vet for her.

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