The logic of Fergie


This little girl is our one dog that is truly wired for sound. She’s perky, she’s happy, she’s demanding, she’s cuddly, she’s fun, she travels well, she gets along with everyone as long as they play by her rules.

And, she is probably one of the smartest greyhounds that has crossed our threshold.

If you walked into our house, you would see that we are wall-to-wall dog cushions. There is a narrow path that leads through the house.

Last night Fergie wanted on the couch. Not a cushion, not the love seat behind my desk. She wanted the couch and it was blocked by other dogs sleeping around the sofa sleeper.

She looked and not being deterred, she hopped up on the sleeper, walked across and jumped onto the couch.

What Fergie wants, Fergie gets.

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