Beach babes

Glory and Sage   

During the summer, the college works four ten-hour days and takes Fridays off. The ten-hour days get a bit grueling, but the Fridays off are decadent. Today was my last Friday. I’m not really sure what happened, when the summer started we had big plans. Today we finally made it out to the beach with the babies. Their first trip to the beach.

Needless to say, I think we broke the babies. When we got back to the car they both laid down the minute they hit the cushions and we never heard another peep out of them.

Sage and Glory    

They were pretty excited when we first got there. They barely wanted to hang for a photo and were ready to go exploring.

New things to put in their mouths, people to watch, new air to sniff, the roar of the incoming tide to listen to and feel the sand in their toes.

Sage and Glory   

Despite their love for the kiddy pools in our backyard, they wanted nothing to do with the ocean water. They barked at the strange dogs on the beach. They didn’t like the feel of the stringy sea weed in their mouths. But the horse poop left on the beach? That was a delicacy and we were on constant watch to keep them away from the tasty nuggets.

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  1. We, here in California, call that a “Beach Hangover.” They’ll recover. Next time t ake them with some sort of retriever-dog. they’ll ‘get’ the whole beach thing quickly!!

    Rottie Kisses!!

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