Re-defining dull moment

Sage and Glory

It’s a known fact that neither Karen nor I have ever had a puppy. We have always loved our more “lifestyle” dogs. You know, the couch potatoes.

When we got the call that the little girl was available, fear penetrated my soul, but the call of the wild was stronger. We loved the idea of experiencing a puppy.

Glory and Zippy    

Zippy is an amazing baby sitter. He is so patient with them now. It took a couple of days of watching them closely, but he is so good at wearing them out just even a little bit.

Taunting Zip, just a little bit   

It’s true, Glory teases Zip almost unmercifully at times. See that couch? Before we knew we were going to have babies, we invested in a custom leather couch.

Resting zone, if only for a minute   

We try to keep it covered for mild protection. I’m not really sure how successful we are now that the puppies have arrived.

Sage, Glory and Zip   

The entire living room has been converted into a romper room as they play leap frog from cushion to cushion and take flying leaps onto and off of the couch.

A boost from Zip   

This is what much of our day looks like now. Always having adult dogs in the house is so different.

What are they doing?   

The two younguns’ squabble like this all of the time. And every thing they say about those baby teeth being sharp is so, so true.

As Sage hung off of the arm of the couch for the longest time, Zip and Glory got in a few licks of their own.

Glory and Zip   

Yes, this is our new life. Laughter and fun and giggles and not much quiet time.

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