Life in the fast lane

Sage and Glory

I must confess, having puppies in the house equates to never having a dull moment. These have un-ending energy. And, just when I think they are winding down, their two-minute power nap has re-charged their batteries for another un-ending play session. They crack me up every minute of every day.

Glory and Sage   

Just when I think their batteries are running down, they take a two-minute power nap and they are off again. Running, chasing and just a whole lot of rough and tumble. I can’t help but sit in the middle of the action and just watch them play. They really are a ton of fun.


Every once in awhile, we will catch those sweet and tender moments that bring a tear to our eye, hardly believing how lucky we are to have a puppy or two in our life.


How could anyone possibly say no to this face?

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