The comfort of siblings

Slinky and Jillian   

I have always thought that having litter mates was magical. There is a special connection that litter mates have, unlike any other.

Jillian and Slinky have been together since the beginning. They raced together and in the racing kennel, they lived side by side. When it was time for them to be adopted, they came to us so that they would always and forever be together.

While we were on vacation, Slinky gave us quite a scare. Our vet tech raced up to the kennel and got her back to our vet. She’s fine now, but she really had a worried for awhile. The twins turned 13 in May.

Zippy and Timber   

Timber came to Oregon as a young pup and Zippy stayed in Florida. Months before their fourth birthday, Zippy came to Oregon. The two connected just like they had always been together and never apart. I was out in the back yard with them tonight and after a little wandering, this is where they landed. Side by side. Just like they had always been together.

Glory and Sage   

And now, Sage and Glory have joined the pack. Just barely five months old, the two babies are two peas in a pod. Completely inseparable.

I can’t wait to watch them grow.

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