Traveling the desert highway

An original travel postcard—Arizona
An original travel postcard—Arizona   

Our travels today took us into Arizona. Despite the blistering heat, I find the desert enchanting.

We visited with some dear friends in Tucson. We have received some of our bestest greyhounds from them. Slinky and Jillian, Bentley, Flo, Moose, Mickey, Cinderella, Flocko, Minnie and Skirvee. It was an awesome visit and I am so glad we could swing down and say hi.

We did stop in at the greyhound kennel and meet a few new dogs. I fell in love with several and whispered in one sweet girlies ear that perhaps she should think about coming to Oregon when she retired.

Postcard home to the girls   
Arizona color
Arizona color   

A few good thoughts are in order for our little Slinky girl. She got pretty stressed with the heat and  the transport up to the boarding kennel.

She is resting comfortably at the e-vet tonight, but it is so hard to be so far away from her.

I can’t even begin to say how appreciative I am of our vet tech that is housesitting and drove out to get her and our vets that rallied to take care of her.

I think she just needs a little power of the paw to get her through the rough patches until we get back home.

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  1. I lived and “schooled” in Tucson in the mid-70s. loved it after getting acclimated to continuous sunshine and open spaces. (when I returned to the Midwest I had to re-acclimate to tress!) this is where I was introduced to greyhound racing. my husband and I went one evening. I won a trifecta by a nosetril! that particular “needlenose” had the longer snout!

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