A memo to the critters

Resting up   

Dear possums, squirrels, birds and any other critter that wanders onto the acre,

Do you see that adorable brindle greyhound resting so peacefully? Her name is Sara. She’s 11 years old and yes, she looks quite sweet on the settee.

Let me tell you a little secret. She may be a senior, she may look sweet but this girl is a born hunter. If she sees you or smells you in her yard according to her hard-wiring, you are fair game. She’s brutal and shows no mercy. She’s currently resting up so that she’s ready for her next hunting adventure.

Those double six foot fences we have around the acre are there for two reasons. Mainly to keep her in and safe and mostly to keep the critters out where they are safe.

We have sent you memo after memo and you chose not to believe me. Please do. She doesn’t mess around.

‘Nuff said.

PS, Sorry little possum, I hope you escaped to safety.

The management.

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