What on earth have we been up to?

After the updates   

In February we thought we might like to sell the house and the acre. After looking around, we quickly realized that what we wanted just didn’t exist, so, we went to work updating our house.

For the longest time, I have been in love with crown molding. Keep in mind that neither of us our super handy, Karen more so than me.

For two months we were without window coverings. The big window is 10.5 feet wide. It was nearly impossible to find fabrics that were wide enough and worked in roller shades. The roller shades made the most sense so that we could roll them up and the doggies could see out the windows. We had the perfect fabric picked out only to find out a month later that it didn’t come wide enough. We called it our happy accident because we absolutely love our second choice.

The couch   

New sofa’s were in order and we both wanted leather. This one is a sofa sleeper the other had two recliners on each end. It seems odd to order two new sofas and then keep them covered with blankets all of the time.

And my office space   

And this is where I spend a good deal of my time at home. The love seat is a treasure we found at the Goodwill and the dogs love taking turns lying on it when I am working. Except for refacing the fireplace at a later date, the these two rooms are done. Finally. All dog friendly.

Karen, Timber and Zip   

I am also officially half way through a portrait class I’m taking. It consumes an amazing amount of time, but I love it.

And… yes, we are still preparing for Timber’s big surprise this year. Stay tuned.

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  1. Love the wall art in your room with the love seat! And I may steal your idea for large windows — our beige drapes are black borzoi fur colored. Can’t wait for the Timber’s surprise……

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