The weekend is here, the weekend is here


So happy to finally have the weekend! It’s been a really long week for some reason.

A few months ago we got this wild hair that it might be a good idea to sell the acre and move a little more out to the country. But after going to a few open houses and seeing what was available, we decided our little acre one mile from our vet, one mile from the e-vet and one and half miles from my work looked pretty darn good.

Then, we decided it was time to do some updating. For about three weeks now, we’ve been painting, we’ve ordered new window coverings, put in new baseboards and this weekend, we’re going to put up crown molding. Painting the ceiling was a pain in the back, the neck and the arms. I can only imagine what the crown molding will be like, but I am so excited.

Last week we had to enjoy the visit of a plumber. Apparently we’ll be spending some quality time and bank account with them before we can tackle the kitchen.

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