Saying good bye to Flo


Last week was a tough week for our girl. She seemed to have more bad days that good ones. Saying good bye was not what either Karen or I wanted to do, but yesterday morning when we got up, her eyes told us everything we needed to know, she was tired.

We took her for a ride in the country before we went to the clinic. She loved to go places, but she got so car sick.

While we waited for the sedative to kick in, a vision kept re-occurring in my mind. I kept seeing Crystal, Joey and Talley standing and waiting, their ears erect waiting to give chase.

More than anything, well not more than food, Flo loved run. She raced with the wind on many an occasion and even this last week she would trot into the house from the back of the acre to the house.

Tonight Karen and I went down to the garden to have our coffee after work. The most beautiful butterfly danced before us. We had never seen one like that in the yard. We watched the entire time it danced. Before long, a second butterfly was chasing and playing with it.

We knew in an instant that Flo and Crystal were back together running and chasing on the acre.

Free Bird aka Flo—September 20, 2003 to April 19, 2015

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad that she had such love with you and that she let you know she was free and having fun ~

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