A quick spring break update


A few months ago Karen and I thought it might be nice to move. Our main requirement was a small acreage, 1-2 acres. We quickly discovered that there isn’t much out there close in enough so that I can get home at lunch to let the dogs out.

Our next option was to start updating the house. It was built in 1950. The house itself is cute and the living space is perfect for us.

We both took spring break off so that we could begin with the things we can do. So far we’ve unloaded about 20 cubic yards of stuff. Washed the walls, patched the holes in the walls from the 20,000 photos I have hanging, steamed the floors and taped off the windows around the trim.

Today we finally agreed on a paint color for the living room and the dining room area I affectionately call my office.

Tomorrow morning right after coffee, we’ll start to paint.

Flo is actually doing quite well this week. I think she has loved having both of us home to wait on her hand and foot.

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  1. That sounds like a lot of work, but still easier than moving. I hope I never have to move again. Stanley had a few teeth extracted on that side, and always looks like that when he is on the couch.

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