Fewer good days


Our little girlfriend is growing more tired everyday. She’s currently laid out in the middle of my bed. She’s losing weight and for the last two days getting her to eat has been a struggle. Eating was always something Flo looked more forward to than anything else.

It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to say goodbye. Every dog has their story, but Flo, she really is a special one.

I met her at the racing kennel in Florida. She had broken her hock racing and she was waiting to go into an adoption kennel. She was so sweet. I flew home with Minnie and told Karen about her. Sure enough, just like I knew she would, Karen said we’ll take her.

I called our friends at the kennel and said she’s ours. We’ll get her home when she can travel. That was in December. In March, Flocko started having seizures and when I flew down to fly him back, Flo came with me.

She was so sweet, so innocent… at first. And then the real Flo came home to party. She was an in your face, take care of me first kinda girl and she’s been that way ever since.

She’s not so much these days. I really going miss our spunky girl.

I’m sure she will tell us when it’s time. We’re listening girlie.

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  1. Go with your hearts as usual you both know what is best. This little girl has done amazing thanks to both of you. It is getting harder to say goodbye it just seems time is moving way to fast for the loves of our lifes. I will keep all 3 of you in my thoughts and always in my heart as you go forward with this. Thanks again for being the wonderful moms you are.

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