Growing more tired


Somedays, somedays even more than others I wish our dogs could say words to us.

They do talk to us and sometimes we read human emotions into them. But their eyes never lie. Their eyes speak volumes and it is up to us to listen.

Flo’s eyes say she is growing tired. She’s a trooper, that girl. She’s survived a broken leg, a soft tissue malignant tumor and a life-long heart murmur. That murmur turned into something more and now we fear it is getting the best of her.

So many of things that were just Flo, aren’t happening any more. She used to bark her fool head of waiting for breakfast and dinner only to consume it in mere seconds… not so much any more. Some meals she quietly waits and only picks through the kibble exploring for the special toppers we have carefully hidden amongst the crunchy bites.

She still enjoys wondering through the acre on a sunny day and from the far reaches of the yard she will race to the back door when we call her, even if it isn’t as fast as she was once able to fly.

And she would much rather hide her head than be subjected to the handfuls of pills she must take every day to keep the fluid from building up around her heart and everything else the pills are supposed to do.

We’re on alert for every cough and we count her breaths as she rests and record them.

It’s so hard to know when the vibrance is really gone or if it’s just a bad day.

One day at a time little girlfriend, one day at a time. We’ll watch for “the look” in your eyes and we promise we will listen to what you have to say.

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