A sweet Joey story

Joey   circa 2004

Last night I posted about Joey on the Facebook group page for the greyhound group where we adopted Joey.

When we got Joey, we were told that his trainer brought him from Florida so that he would have a chance at adoption because Oregon was a no-kill state. Every greyhound that was born here or raced here went into an adoption program. We never knew much more than that.

Today I got a message on Facebook asking if his race name was Way to go Joe. I immediately responded saying yes.

She wrote this back to me

I had gotten him in my kennel at Sarasota when i was 18 years old. He was one of 3 that came in together as littermates. He and one of his sisters were so spooky that i couldn’t touch them. The season was ending and i hadn’t made any progress with them, and they were so scared they’d urinate on themselves when handled. I decided to bring them to oregon and figured that even if they dont make it as racers, at least the adoption programs there were willing to try to adopt these types of dogs.

Neither ever made it on the track, but his sister little ellie was friendly enough that i knew she’d be fine as a pet. Joe on the otherhand, tolerated me at best, but was still terrified of every other person he came in contact with. I’ve thought about him every so often for the last 10 years or so and always wondered where he ended up. To this day he is the only spook that i was never able to break. I’m really glad i saw your post, and glad to know that he ended up in a good place.

It made my day to know that thanks to a trainer that cared, Joey came to Oregon and spent almost all of his life with us.

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  1. That’s lovely. Whether we agree with racing or not, the point is we love them and this lady did more than a lot would. So glad she now knows what a lovely home he had.

  2. You’re right, that IS a sweet story! And how lovely that your post on Facebook was able to put her mind at rest after all this time! Will you keep in touch, and update her on his life and adventures?

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